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May 14, 2019, 2:51:00 PM

Patrice Evra shocked by treatment of Paul Pogba

Former France defender Patrice Evra admits he is shocked by the treatment of Paul Pogba by Manchester United fans.

The United crowd have grown increasingly frustrated with the French World Cup winner this season, and some made their feelings heard in a the 2-0 home defeat to relegated Cardiff on Sunday.

Evra said: “It's not like I am protecting Paul, but when there are incidents like yesterday (Sunday) with the fan, they are killing Paul," the former left-back told Sky Sports.

“He has the most goals, most assists. I know you can question his leadership and in the last few games you want more, so that's why you can criticise him right now, but overall he has been the best player this season.

“Just because it's Paul Pogba, he has haircuts, he dances, his Instagram and everything, people will criticise him while forgetting the player that he is.

“If Paul decides to stay another year and then leave, or stay another few years, maybe the fans will love him because he is committed.

“The United fans love you when you say you are committed. When I go to the game and I see fans shouting and swearing at players, I am in shock.

“In my time, you can play the worst game of your life and they will clap you. I remember losing 4-1 at home to Liverpool and they were still singing. That's the United fans I know - they've had enough.

"I don't talk for Paul, whether he stays or leaves, but when you have negativity around you, you should leave,” he added.

Words: Jake Evans

Images: PA