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Jun 29, 2020, 6:10:00 AM

Pearson Speaks on the Team’s Spirit

It has been a fine run for this month, and the team’s progress has been impressive at some point. However, the grind does not stop for the Hornets. It does not end until the season is over where they could say that they’ve saved their season from the relegation zone.

Watford boss Nigel Pearson has been the main catalyst for the team’s proposed comeback this season. He came in last December, and he has always spoken with more than pride. He was always confident of the team’s spirit and commitment towards their goal in the season.

Watford’s campaign has been soaked in a lot of drama. The club has already seen two firings this season, first in Javi Gracia - who was solely to blame for the team’s situation at the bottom of the Premier League standings. This was followed by Quique Sanchez Flores, who was later fired after taking over Gracia with a promise to change things for the Hornets.

Sanchez Flores failed to live up to his promise, but he did manage to pull off the club’s first win of the season. However, after strings of losses and continued downfall, Watford decided to cut ties with their coach once more.

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This led to the moment where Pearson was signed by the club. Things then turned out to be fine for the Hornets, and they thrived under the new coach. They claimed wins and even had unbeaten runs since then. It has been the magic that Pearson delivered for his career. He has a knack for making comebacks as witnessed by the current squad in Leicester City.

‘Sometimes you’re not able to respond to a setback, so it won’t always happen like that, but today we were and it’s an illustration of the spirit we have within the football club’, Pearson said of the team. ‘I talk to the players about how important it is for them to drive our identity and that comes very much from their commitment and belief in what we’re trying to do’.

It has been a really tough season, but the players, coaches and staff refuse to give up in the fight. They are really determined to make things happen, and everyone knows that the club will do whatever it takes to survive in the Premier League.

That has been the major factor for all: the commitment. No one really signed up for a comeback mission this season. It was just Pearson who was tasked with bringing the change that the first two coaches failed to do so this season. No one ever asked for the team to be here, but here they are.

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‘This is a really good club and this season has been a difficult season for everybody within it’, said the head coach. ‘Sometimes it’s too easy to just give in to how things transpire, but what we’re trying to do is fight a way out of a situation that has been very difficult for us to deal with’.

The fans at Vicarage Road played a big role in helping the club sustain their pace when the new coach stepped in. With the rest of the season being played in closed doors, the club has to find ways to adapt to the unusual environment.

No one may believe that Pearson is doing everything he can at this point, but the head coach is putting everything he’s got to salvage this season.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA