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Poland ekes out a 1-1 draw against Group E favourite Spain
Jun 21, 2021, 2:06:00 AM

Poland ekes out a 1-1 draw against Group E favourite Spain

Spain came into their second Group E game against Poland as the favourite. They took the first goal when Álvaro Moranta scored but Robert Lewandowski equalized in the second half. It was a disappointing result for Spain since they were a dark horse in the European Championships.

Spain is one of the most disappointing teams in the tournament so far because they have two draws in two games. The first game was against Sweden which was one of the stalest games of the event because there were no goals scored and limited scoring chances for both teams. 

On the other hand, Poland lost their first game against Slovakia which means that this was a solid comeback from the squad. Of course, Poland is the biggest underdog of the group which is why this is such a big result for them even though it was only a draw at the end of the day. 

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The Álvaro problem

While Álvaro is the main striker for Spain, the team still has a problem with him serving as their biggest option in the final third. He is talented but almost always an anomaly in every team he plays for. He can score goals but also miss boatloads of chances at the net. 

Some Spain fans have seen him as a two-faced figure for their squad because he can score multiple goals in a tournament but his misses are the big ones that could lead them to victory. Spain has a rich history of success with their national team headlined by their World Cup win back in 2010.

Unfortunately, that squad is not here anymore and the days of David Villa as the main option is gone now. Álvaro is blessed with both skills and the physical tools to be a top striker but he always has that mental battle regarding his finishing ability. Hopefully, he can get over them since Spain needs a win in Group E to advance to the main stage.

This game captured the problem with Spain with their main striker but they have to run with it since he can single-handedly lead them to victory. It’s why they think the positives outweigh the negatives with Spain’s team.

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Poland is still alive

There is a chance that Poland can make the main stage as long as Spain continues to go without a win. While Sweden is the current frontrunner with 4 points on a win and a draw, the rest of Group E remains strong. Spain has one more game left against Slovakia which can elevate them up to first or second place. 

Lewy is the key to Poland’s possible run to a good place in the group since he’s their superstar player who is known to carry the load for this team. They do not have the best lineup but having a superstar of Lewy’s calibre is the key to immense success for a weaker squad.

Group E looks like the most interesting group of the event so far since there are still so many possibilities even if all of the teams have played two games. Spain is still favoured to win the group since they have Slovakia in their third and final game but you can never count the squad out.

Poland’s next match will be against Sweden on the 23rd of June at Krestovsky Stadium while Spain plays Slovakia on the same day at Estadio La Cartuja de Sevilla.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA