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Poland gets shut down by Sweden in a 3-2 loss
Jun 24, 2021, 3:30:00 AM

Poland gets shut down by Sweden in a 3-2 loss

Poland took a tough hit from Sweden as the team was ousted from the Euro tourney for good in their 3-2 loss. The Poles just did not have that much firepower and grit aside from Robert Lewandowski to clap back at the Swedes and save their run in this year’s edition of the tourney.

What could have been a big shot for the Poles ended up in a tough finish this year. Poland has not won a single game this year. In three games, the Poles had no great result so far, and this just proves that they have a poor run going instead.

Sweden took the lead with a goal in the second minute. Both sides were still missing goals on the way to the second half before the Swedes then put up one more goal to make it 2-0. It took a few minutes for Lewy to clap back and finally score a goal for the team in the 61st minute of play.

Poland then tied the game thanks to one more goal from Lewy. That shot in the 84th minute was big to send the game into a huge frenzy for most fans. With the game tied that time, Sweden had to make sure they would not lose to a big goal once more, and their defence was stellar too.

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It was all too late for the Poles to protect that shot and the Swedes took a 3-2 lead in the game. It was all quiet from both sides in the final bit of the game, and no side was able to get one more shot up.

Sweden had a total of 11 shots - four of those on target and they only had 33% of the ball. The team made 251 passes en route to a 55% accuracy. This game was just stolen away by the Swedes if people would look at the stats.

Poland owned the game from start to finish but could not hold on for a big victory. They had a total of 18 shots - and six of those almost found the bottom of the net. They also had the ball for 67% and tallied 480 passes to come up with an 80% accuracy.

There was not much of a big fight in this one. The Poles could not keep their hold of the tie to turn it into a draw. Now they are out of the contest for good with no wins in three games.

Sweden gets to the top of the group and are set to play in the next phase of the Euro tourney as well. They now have a better chance to seal a title win in the coming weeks of action and be the best team in Europe.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA