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Ramsey, Roberts push Wales to beat Turkey in 2-0 clean sheet
Jun 17, 2021, 3:48:00 AM

Ramsey, Roberts push Wales to beat Turkey in 2-0 clean sheet

Aaron Ramsey and Connor Roberts played clutch with a 2-0 win over Turkey to get back into the Group Stages action after a dismal start. It seems the team is keen to prove they are a better side now and there is no better time for them to win.

Wales was one of the underdog teams in the competition and their lack of grit was seen in their 1-1 draw with the Swiss side. That may be the turning point for the team as they went on to bounce back big time in their 2-0 win over Turkey.

The side took their time to adapt and change their plays after a poor run in the first half. They were held down by the Turks for most of the game and they could not clap back at them early. This led to a scoreless half for both sides as they failed to close the gap.

Wales had 16 shots and seven of those were on point. They were held to just 36% with the ball and made only 300 passes for 75% accuracy. It was not enough to stop Wales on their tracks as they did well to beat the odds this time.

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Neither side was leading the way to close out the first half. That was until Ramsey found an open look and got an open pass from Gareth Bale to slot in a goal. Wales then found their groove with a few close shots in the next half and fought hard to get to their spots that time. 

Wales looked better in this half. They were better from all sides and were attacking well. The crowd was stunned by the lack of attack from Turkey. The team could not even make a big push that could have tied the game for them.

It was still an intense match for both sides. Neither could come up big as Turkey’s defence blocked out many of Wales’ attempts. The same can be said for the other side, except that Turkey could not cut the lead.

Turkey had a total of 18 shots and six of those nearly found the bottom of the net. They owned the ball for 64% and had a total of 514 passes to go with 84% accuracy, but they still fell short to win their first game. Now they have lost two in a row in the competition.

The crowd of 30,000 people in the stadium made it look like a home game for Turkey, but it was not a problem for Wales. Turkey had a few close shots in the final bit and nearly had one but it was Wales who stole the game away with a goal from Roberts in the 95th minute.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA