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Reinier Jesus Signs with Real Madrid; Globo, Flamengo Not in Terms
Jan 21, 2020, 6:04:00 AM

Reinier Jesus Signs with Real Madrid; Globo, Flamengo Not in Terms

Real Madrid are on the search for their next big signing and may have struck gold with Reinier Jesus. A product of the Brazilian football scene and with skill consisting of more than just fancy footwork, he could be one of the pieces the club will need to lift the La Liga trophy. Meanwhile, Globo and Flamengo still haven’t come to an agreement regarding airing rights leading to a tournament not being broadcast. If an agreement isn’t met soon then there is a possibility that future matches won’t be shown too.

La Liga football club Real Madrid may have finally found a solution to their league problems, and his name is Reinier Jesus. Recently, the 18-year-old player has signed with them from Flamengo on a six-year contract agreement which is reported to be worth €30m. Following Vinícius Júnior and Rodrygo Goes, he is the latest signing that the Spanish club has signed. He is set to arrive in late February and is poised to join the club’s reserve squad, RM Castilla, and be coached by Raúl.

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According to the club, they hail Reinier as ‘one of the leading emerging stars in the world game’ with skills that surpass most players his age while possessing strengths like ‘technical ability and creative talent on the ball’. While playing with Flamengo, he won the 2019 Brazilian league title and Copa Libertadores. He was also part of Jorge Jesus’ team that took part in the Club World Cup in Qatar.

‘He’s a player that can’t be sold for €30m. Flamengo doesn’t know how to value its brand’, said Jesus. Last season, Real Madrid spent more than £200m on signings. This move to acquire Reinier further cements president Florentino Pérez’s want to not miss the chance to sign the next South American superstar.

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In similar news, Brazilian broadcaster Globo and Campeonato Brasileiro Série A club Flamengo still aren’t on terms regarding airing rights, leading the club’s first match of the decade, a Rio state championship match against Macae which ended in a draw, not to be aired. Winning both the league title and the Copa Libertadores, Flamengo believed that they should ask for a more higher rate. Globo then released a statement saying that the rate the club was asking for was too much and was not fair for the other clubs in the league.

‘Flamengo notifies that due to the termination of its contract with Grupo Globo for the transmission of the Carioca Championship and the position of the broadcaster to only renew it, maintaining exactly the same commercial conditions agreed in 2016, not taking into account the new phase of Flamengo and none of the points suggested by the club for a possible renewal, the games of our professional football team in Carioca 2020 will not be broadcast on Globo’s open channels, on SporTV on pay TV and on the Premiere channel’, said the club in a statement.

‘This contract is an old one from 2016’, said Rodolfo Landim, the club’s president. ‘Flamengo was on another level… The percentage offered in this contract is equal to that of the other three big ones. Flamengo alone is bigger in terms of demands than the other three combined. It is much lower than what we think the club deserves’.

The failure to reach an agreement has also affected other clubs. The 12 smaller clubs taking part in the tournament could potentially lose around €3.9m, while three other major Rio clubs’ TV income remains protected.

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Words: Carlos Corpus

Image: PA