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Jun 30, 2020, 6:05:00 AM

Richarlison Talks About Flamengo's Potential in the EPL

In 2019, Flamengo was constantly compared to Premier League clubs. Some people were even saying that they would have placed in the top six in the league.

Flamengo has been amazing in the past year. They have all the tools to be competitive in each aspect of the game. This is evidenced by their numerous tournament victories in Brazil. They have also performed well internationally which we all saw in the Club World Cup. In that tournament, Flamengo managed to reach the final where they would fall to Liverpool who was considered as the best team in the world.

Some pundits were saying that Flamengo was only successful because they were playing in Brazil which is not a top-tier domestic league. But with their performance in the Club World Cup, they proved that they were on par with other world-class teams even managing to keep up with the best that the Premier League has to offer.

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Richarlison is one of the Brazilian stars in the Premier League. As a former player of Fluminense, he has experience in playing in the Brazilian domestic leagues. He scoffed at the prospect of Flamengo playing in the English top-flight.

Jorge Jesus has shown his confidence in his own team to perform well against teams in any other league. But since the Premier League is the most well-known league in the world, he has said that his team can be a top performer there. It is not surprising that Jesus has confidence in his team because they have been great in the past year under his system.

They have players who can perform at a world-class level. They have scorers like Gabriel ‘Gabigol’ Barbosa, Bruno Henrique and Giorgian de Arrascaeta. These players’ statistics are on par with the best players in the world. Under Jesus’ system, they have shown that they are capable of playing at the highest level.

They have been met with widespread acclaim ever since they started to win tournaments last year. They have not looked back since because they are still winning. Before the suspension, they managed to win another tournament. Their lineup is still one of the most complete in the world with world-class players in both offence and defence.

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Richarlison is not a fan of how Jesus is talking about Flamengo performing in the Premier League. He said, ‘To say that Flamengo would be top 6 in England, I think it was a little heavy. A while ago, I think Jorge Jesus said that Flamengo would be top 6 in England and I posted a video of Balotelli smiling, and they (Flamengo fans) started to pick on me. But it is part of the football review, I take it for fun’.

He was just making some light-hearted banter but of course, you should expect people to respond because you have a prominent platform. Passionate fans would always defend their own team because they have an emotional connection.

Richarlison did not like the comparisons between Flamengo and Everton during that time. He came to his team’s defence. He said, ‘People started to compare player by player, and gave Flamengo. If I talk about my team, of course, I will defend my team. And Flamengo vs. Everton, I think Everton is, right’.

It will be interesting to see how Flamengo can perform against other teams outside of their domestic leagues. But if you recall the Club World Cup, you know that they can reach that level.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA