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Mar 27, 2020, 6:51:00 AM

Rio Ferdinand Talks About Manchester United's Chances

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand has given his thoughts on the Red Devils’ chances to win the Premier League next season.

Ferdinand has talked about the Red Devils’ potential moves that they can make during the offseason. There are many prospects out there that they can sign to play for United. Ferdinand has said that he is looking at players like Harry Kane from Tottenham and Jadon Sancho from Borussia Dortmund as potential acquisitions that United can make.

It has been believed that Kane is interested in leaving Tottenham after the Premier League season. Kane has been brilliant this season before he sustained an injury that required surgery in January. Ferdinand believes that Kane would fit really well with the Red Devils’ lineup. He said, ‘Would I take Harry Kane now? Of course, you would. If he’s fit and he’s raring to go, you take Harry Kane at Manchester United, 100 per cent. Top player, you’re guaranteeing goals, in the Premier League you’re guaranteeing goals’.

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Sancho has also been very productive in his time with Dortmund. He has massive potential because at the moment he is only 20 years old. He has a unique skill set because he has the ability to score at will but he is more focused on creating opportunities for his teammates. At the moment, he has scored 14 goals and has dished out 15 assists this season. Ferdinand addressed the potential Sancho acquisition saying, ‘I would take Sancho all day, to Manchester United. Whether we’ll get him, though. Great player, great potential, English, he’s brilliant. I would take Sancho now’.

Ferdinand also gave his thoughts about striker Odion Ighalo. At first, he was very hesitant because he did not see Ighalo’s signing as particularly good. Ferdinand said, ‘Ighalo’s been in China, the league is nowhere near what the Premier League is so how’s he gonna get up to speed? Is he gonna be ready straight away? We need somebody to come and make an impact immediately. Coming from China, impossible. Well, he’s proved us all wrong. This guy has proved us all wrong’.

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Ferdinand believes that keeping Ighalo is the right move for the Red Devils to make. If he becomes a full-time player for United it would benefit everyone on the team. Ferdinand said, ‘Rashford, when he’s fit, will appreciate playing with someone like this. He can have the impact of the Rashfords, on the Martials, on Daniel James etc. that someone like Henrik Larsson can have on the likes of [Wayne] Rooney and [Louis] Saha when he was there. That little bit of experience. He’s got something that’s different to all the other guys in the team and you need that sometimes’.

This is interesting to see because Ferdinand is putting out names that United can sign. The Red Devils’ focus is still re-signing Paul Pogba. Pogba has been involved in so much contract talks this season, the rumours of him leaving have linked him to teams even outside the Premier League.

At the moment, United are confident that they can keep Pogba. They have stiff competition in Real Madrid and Juventus showing interest in signing Pogba. Ferdinand has given his thoughts about the Pogba situation. Ferdinand said, ‘I think that is a conversation that needs to be happening between Man United and Pogba. Does he want to stay or go? Does Ole want to keep him? Once that’s ironed out you can build your team’.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA