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May 20, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Santos Remains Interested in Signing Andreas Pereira

Santos president Jose Carlos Peres has continued to show the club’s intention to sign winger Andreas Pereira away from Manchester United.

The 24-year-old winger is one of the Red Devils’ most consistent players this season. He has made 37 appearances for the club across all competitions this year.

He has been productive in those appearances as well, managing to score two goals and dished out three assists within that time period. He can play multiple roles as an offensive player mainly as a winger and an attacking midfielder. He has the ability to both dish out passes and score the ball when his name is called upon.

Peres has been in constant communication with Pereira because the latter is a big fan of Santos. Peres said, ‘I have Andreas Pereira on WhatsApp and I have been talking to him. He's done well at Manchester United. He will certainly wear the club's shirt one day’.

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Santos is reeling from the sudden news of Yeferson Soteldo leaving the team at the end of the year. He has shown his interest in playing for Manchester United and he feels that leaving Santos would be the next step towards his goal.

Soteldo said, ‘I want to finish this stage at Santos by December, win the Libertadores and whatever is possible and then take another step. I always dreamed of playing for Manchester United. The dream remains intact. There are many steps to get there, but I feel I can. I want to go to Europe, but not to go and come back. I want to go and pursue my career with greater success. I feel prepared and I have to wait for the right moment to do it’.

At just 22 years old, Santos’ winger is also being heavily recruited by many teams. In his first season in Brazil, he scored 12 goals and also dished out many assists. He has also been successful in his national team career with Venezuela managing to get 17 senior appearances under his belt.

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Pereira has shown interest in playing for Santos. His father Marcos Pereira has said that he wants his son to don the Santos colours because he raised him as a fan of the club. Even if he was born and raised in Belgium, he grew up as a Santos supporter because of the culture that his father instilled in him.

The only issue that they have currently is that the younger Pereira has a contract with the Red Devils that will last until 2023. So the transfer to Santos would be a long time from now unless they pay an absurd amount of money.

He is an important player in their lineup as well because he has been a stable presence in the offence. It will be a hard task to make him go to Brazil now because he still has a bright career ahead of him. At just 24 years old, he can become a consistent fixture in the Red Devils lineup. It is also noteworthy that Ole Gunnar Solskjær is a big fan of him.

Pereira himself has shown loyalty to the manager and intent to win titles for the club. He said, ‘Even when I came to United at such a young age, going to United it's, of course, a massive club, but I know that they are willing to give youth a chance. I'm very honoured and that's why, as well, I want to stay at United. I want to fight for him, win games and win trophies’.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA