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Schick scores a brace to lead Czech Republic to their first win
Jun 15, 2021, 4:30:00 AM

Schick scores a brace to lead Czech Republic to their first win

The Czech Republic won their first game in the European Championships against Scotland two goals to none. Patrik Schick scored a stellar brace en route to the victory. It included an absurd goal he kicked from the centre circle over David Marshall and into the net. 

Schick’s highlight goal is the biggest match moment of the event so far and it proved the Czechs can keep up with the other teams in their group. While Scotland is not the best team in the group, they are still a formidable squad that can keep up with the others.

For the duration of the game, the Scots had more possessions of the ball compared to the Czechs. Scotland even had more shots with 19 attempts with only 4 on target. Unfortunately, the Czech’s defence was strong enough to compete with Scotland’s forwards.

Schick talked about his match-winning performance.

‘I noticed the situation in the first half’, he said. ‘I knew the goalkeeper stood very high, so I had that in mind… We know that Croatia are very strong and we're expecting a different sort of game’.

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Can the Czech Republic win more games in the group?

With the likes of England and Croatia in the group, there is a smaller chance of winning for the Czechs. These two teams are the titans of the group which is proven by their placement in the latest World Cup. Croatia was a finalist in the World Cup final and England was fourth since they lost to Croatia. 

Since this is a hard group, it will be hard for CR to keep up with the top two. England is the favourite to win the group now since they won their first game over their fellow top team. With stars like Harry Kane, Luke Shaw, and many more, you can expect the Three Lions will get stronger as the event progresses. 

It will be hard for CR to keep up with them but anything is possible in football. This is proven by Schick’s goal and it looks like they can bring that momentum for their future Group D games. 

Why Group D has turned into one of the best groups in the event

Since CR proved they can play at a high level led by Schick, you can expect they will perform better in the next matches. England has their star-powered lineup and Croatia wants to prove the majority who think they’ve fallen off since their 2018 run. 

This will be a group to watch since all of the teams can perform at a high level. People think Scotland will be the last-place team but with stars like Ché Adams, they can prove they’re the Cinderella story this year. However, that is yet to happen which means Group D should be closely observed.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA