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May 19, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Sergio Ramos Is Still Hungry to Win a Title with Real Madrid

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos is hopeful that they can win the La Liga title this year as soon as the season resumes. They are currently second in the league behind Barcelona.

After an excellent 15 seasons with Madrid, Ramos continues to be hungry for titles. Ramos himself is regarded as one of the premier defenders in the world. He is strong physically and has a great defensive mindset. His precise tackles and speed on defence is a scary combination to have for a player like him.

Ramos also has a penchant for being an offensive player when needed. He has goalscoring ability and can dribble the ball extremely well. His most prominent offensive skill is his precise passes which usually lead to goals for his teammates.

He has also grown to become a great leader with Madrid. As a defender, he manages to see every one of his teammates’ issues and he addresses them well as a leader.

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At 34 years old, Ramos has a limited amount of time left on his career. Former Madrid midfielder Fernando Redondo sees the current captain as a Madrid lifer. Redondo said, ‘Sergio has a lot of football ahead of him. He is physically gifted and he has professionalism too. He'll be the one who decides when to end his career. Logically, he has to be at Madrid and he has to remain linked to the club for everything he represents’.

Ramos joined Madrid in 2005 after a year in Sevilla’s senior squad. He has since made 640 appearances for the club, managing to score 91 goals in his illustrious career. In his time with the team, he has led Los Blancos to four La Liga titles, UEFA Champions League victories and FIFA Club World Cup victories.

It will be shocking to see Ramos end his career elsewhere because he has crafted a legendary career at Madrid. He is the only active player to have made more than 600 appearances with the club. On the Madrid all-time charts, he holds the fifth spot.

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Since the season has been suspended due to the global pandemic, Ramos and the team are adhering to the rules set in place. He said, ‘Everyone's health is not going to be put at risk. I am looking forward to playing again, returning to compete, playing in La Liga and the Champions League’.

This is a great sentiment because many players are becoming impatient with the decision. They have to know that priority should always be health. There have been many examples of people in La Liga being affected by the pandemic, so this means that they should be extremely careful. Spain is one of the countries that have been ravaged by the ongoing circumstances so a La Liga return is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Ramos said, ‘I am hungry to end the season with a title, but first we have to wait for the people who know about all of this to make the appropriate decisions. We can't think that everything has already been achieved yet, the seriousness of the matter is still with us. We have to comply with the guidelines in order to end this virus and give scientists the time to find a vaccine’.

Let us all hope that everything can be fixed soon, so that we can watch Ramos and Real Madrid’s title bids in La Liga and the Champions League.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA