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Skov’s Dedication to Hoffenheim
Jul 13, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Skov’s Dedication to Hoffenheim

Robert Skov has been Hoffenheim’s deadeye scorer this season. He has been specialising in free-kick, which makes him a lethal threat on the pitch. He made his big impression with the team and its fans with his unique skill set in the game that has helped the team stay alive.

He has been very healthy this season and has kept his family safe during the pandemic as well. Skov is very tactical in the game and often puts a lot of things into consideration whenever he dashes to risk his safety in the game.

He claimed that he has been really happy since joining the club. He found great people he can trust and has adjusted well from the Danish league to the Bundesliga. He admits that he is still learning a lot of things in his game and hopes to learn something new every day that would help him get better.

‘It's obviously difficult to know what you're going into when you change clubs and your main goal is to play, but it's not always so easy’, said Skov. ‘So I'm very lucky to have the trust of the coaching staff and get a lot of playing time. I've had a lot of new experiences now, which I didn't have before, so I think it has made me a better player in the last eight-nine months’.

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He showed himself as one of the multi-skilled players in the Bundesliga. A versatile player like him is very rare to find. He played more than three positions with the squad this season, and it just shows how unique he is when it comes to the game.

He can change his spot on the fly and even in the middle of the game. He believes that being flexible is very important when they play against the big teams in the league.

‘It was a challenge and something different, but I could also see that with the way we played it would be more natural for me to play the wing-back position because we play 3-5-2 in a lot of games and I've normally played as a winger, a traditional winger’, he added. ‘It was a possibility for me to play and get a lot of experience, so I went into it with an open mind and tried to do my best’.

He is also playing with Jacob Bruun Larsen, who is another Dane. The two players are good friends and are sharing the same view on the game. They are about the same age and regularly talk about their plays in the game and connect in the pitch with strong passing.

‘He developed a lot in Dortmund and now it's really time for him to show what he's been learning’, Skov said of his teammate. ‘I'm sure with more minutes and getting to know other players, he'll be a great player here in Hoffenheim’.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA