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Why the 2021-22 Southampton FC season is a sign of good things to come
Mar 24, 2022, 4:48:00 AM

Why the 2021-22 Southampton FC season is a sign of good things to come

Southampton Football Club saw their franchise turn around in the 2021-22 season. With new players and a promising manager building a culture with good players, The Saints have a bright future ahead of them.

In every sports team in the world, the team or club with the younger players are always deemed to have the best potential for the future. With old stars about to retire, new faces are bound to overtake them and be the centre of the English Premier League (EPL).

Southampton has always been a prominent franchise in the league with over decades of experience and notable seasons. They have been competing at the highest level and are slowly inching upwards on the table by maintaining a respectable record. 

The tables turned during the 2021-22 season where the team showed signs of a bright future ahead. Will Southampton Premier League become one of the top teams in the upcoming EPL seasons? 

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A brief history of Southampton FC

The players were members of the St. Mary's Church. Even to this day, the club still embodies the roots of the church evident in their nickname, The Saints.

Their first title was during the 1897 Southern League where they won the final game of the season and changed their name to Southampton Football Club officially. A year after, they moved to The Dell where the home stadium would become their staple field for the next century. In 2001, they finally moved to Saint Mary’s Stadium where it became their current home stadium. 

After their first victory in 1897, they followed that title up with 5 more championships (1898, 1899, 1901, 1903, and 1904). During these years, they also made it to two Football Association (FA) Cup Finals where they lost to Sheffield United and Bury. 

In 1904, Southampton FC also became the first British football team to go on a South American tour. Southampton would start the tour from Argentina and win successive matches that combined for a score of 29-4 against Uruguay with a mixed eleven by 8 to 1 result. 

In 1920, they joined the 3rd Division of the Football League and advanced to the 2nd Division the following year. Years later, Southampton FC made it to the First Division for the first time where they maintained that ranking for the next eight years. The top flight provided Southampton with their first go at European football. 

A decade after their introduction to the top division, they earned their highest glory when they won the 1976 FA Cup Final. Having defeated the overwhelming favourites Manchester United with a 1-0 lead, this marked the first ever trophy Southampton FC secured. 

As of this time of writing, Southampton is vying for the chance to reclaim their title and become one of the best clubs in the EPL. With their trajectory of young players and talented stars, they are bound to give it their all in the future seasons when their young strikers and defenders reach their primes. 

Spark that starts Southampton FC’s flames for the future 

There are two ways for a football club to turn their franchise around: Having a great manager and players who are good enough to form an elite team. Despite Southampton’s 9th standing on the table, their road to stardom and success is taking its course in the right direction. 

Since Southampton is among the youngest teams only behind Arsenal, the club is going to figure their game plan out after the 2021-22 season to help build a culture of winning. 

What’s interesting about the changes to the management positions is the club’s desire to instil proper values to serve the franchise well towards the future. 

Southampton director Matt Crocker insisted in hiring an individual developmental coach to train their players to learn how to win important games. Instead of the conventional head coach and assistant model, Southampton FC are running the new innovative coaching system for the B team and Under-18s. 

On the other hand, Lee Skyrme was hired in the 2021-22 season as the individual development coach who will be working alongside coach Dave Horseman. In the U18s, Mikey Harris will work as the team’s individual development coach with Carl Marin as the game coach. 

This move to turn the whole system upside down and make a better all-around coaching model is highly beneficial for new players. What football managers must do right is getting the club together and developing young players into stars through leadership. 

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New sponsorships 

What’s more exciting for the club are the Southampton FC sponsors. The 2021-22 Southampton FC partners are none other than Sportsbet, a crypto-based sports betting site that was established in 2016. 

The partnership between Southampton FC and Sportsbet officially began in August 2020 when the latter stepped in and took over the front-of-shirt sponsorship.

The Southampton FC Sportsbet duo is a highlight in the community of fans and punters alike to continue supporting the club. What both the club and the Southampton FC betting site are working so tirelessly to do is to promote safe betting for everyone. 

They have worked extremely hard to push the advocacy of safe betting which included endeavours such as their campaign ‘Listen To The Saint In You’. This launched during Safer Gambling Week and its primary goal is to encourage fans and punters to consider the risks associated with betting on different clubs and sports teams. 

The team also played a crucial role in Southampton FC’s launch of the Positive Impact Pledge which allowed start-up companies to apply for grants and capital investments for their businesses during the peak of Covid-19. 

In 2021, Sportsbet donated their shirt sponsorship to a Southampton Saints Foundation for the EPL match against Burnley to raise funds lost due to the pandemic. This move alone aided in raising thousands of pounds daily, a figure that was topped up by Sportsbet who donated an additional £10,000 to the charity. 

‘Our first season as Southampton FC’s main club partner has already exceeded all expectations. We’ve been inspired by the passion of the club and its fans, and it was an easy decision for us to extend our partnership with the Saints for another three years’, CEO of Coingaming Group Maarja Pärt stated.

This statement was followed by an announcement in 2021 that Sportsbet and Coingaming Group agreed to extend its partnership with Southampton FC for 3 more years. Therefore, fans can start Southampton FC Bitcoin betting when the team eventually rises to stardom as their players develop into superstars soon. 

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How the club’s young stars are shaping to be EPL’s future

While the new developmental coaching system and the genius offensive and defensive mind of Ralph Hasenhüttl management style are enough to propel the team to more wins.

What makes the club’s future so bright is the rising potential of their star players. If you’re a Southampton FC supporter, there are a lot of signs from the players that show promise for the future of the club.

Emergence of Jan Bednarek 

The 25-year-old Polish national is emerging to become a superstar who in the 2021-22 season made more interceptions (68) than any other football player in the EPL. When asked about his solid defence and overall performance in his young and already illustrious career, he simply stated that ‘the difference between a good player and a great one is consistency’. 

Like most athletes in the world, consistency is what makes a winning culture, one that the management staff hopefully pieces a plan to generate more wins for the Southampton FC standings. 

Already with a winning mentality, Bednarek is shaping to become a role model for even younger players in the team that they can’t get enough of. 

Foundation of great defence

While Bednarek’s defence alone draws eyes from the football community, it’s actually attributed to the impeccable defence curated by the genius of Ralph Hasenhüttl. Even though there is a lot to work with when it comes to improving their defence, the club still puts the effort into ensuring that the ball doesn’t go through their goal post. 

What’s putting the club in a right place to have great defence is their self-awareness in finding rooms for improvement for their defensive schemes. When Bednarek was asked about it, he simply answered: ‘They analysed the games and they could see that sometimes you have to put your pride in the pocket and do what is best for the team’. 

With this mindset going into the future, the club’s defensive projections are only going to get better as time progresses. 

Great veteran players

In every contending team, there are veteran players who guide the way for younger players to follow and prepare them to become great football players. While Southampton FC is mostly run by younger players, the veterans too showed why they are still one of the best in the league. 

Players like Will Caballero and Theo Walcott contributed to Southampton’s defence and provided ways to win games in close matches. Aside from their prowess as football players, veterans also show team presence that guides other young players to do what’s best for the team. 

Even if it doesn’t put them in a situation to rise to stardom, veteran players understand that the team’s success is more than their individual aspiration in the EPL. Instead, they provide depth and experience to Southampton’s young players to someday gain insight on how real football is really played. 

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Why you should consider betting on Southampton FC

When it comes to the sports betting scene, Southampton FC has a lot of reasons why you should start betting on them today. For starters, they are an incredibly young team with players who haven’t even reached their primes yet. 

This is a great position to be in as most players are young and have great futures. The club has a lot of time to develop their players and experiment with different schemes to try to win games. 

The future lies in young teams like Southampton FC to flourish and create a new narrative for the league that fans are desperate to uncover. There are at least 3-5 players in Southampton FC who are 25 or below, and that includes Jan Bednarek. 

With some of the best football athletes in the world, Southampton continues to prove to everyone why the club is what everyone should look out for to become eventual title-holders.

Another promising attribute Southampton FC has that should convince you into betting on them is their growing defence. With Jan Bednarek growing to become a future defensive star, the club might be one of the teams that opposing clubs have a hard time trying to score a goal.

With how slow games have become leading to the future of the EPL, defence is becoming a trendy statline advanced analytics want to utilise. Furthermore, Southampton is in the middle of the table as of this time of writing which means that transfers are more likely to occur in hopes of acquiring even better players.

Considering how it has been around 50 years since their last championship, the club and its fans deserve a chance to win a title that might end up Southampton FC becoming a dynasty with how their roster and management is leading to new changes for the better.

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