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Team profile: Italy’s silent consistency
May 31, 2021, 5:00:00 AM

Team profile: Italy’s silent consistency

Italy is one of the best teams eager to win the European Championships this year. They are hoping to beat big teams in the contest and earn a title. Italy is silent about their progress but it is seen in their qualifiers games.

Some say that Italy is already primed for a title finish by the end of the tourney. However, they have always found it hard to play against the likes of England, Spain, Germany, Portugal, and even Belgium.

The squad needed some changes, but coach Roberto Mancini made it clear that their winning mentality is still alive. The team’s strong defence kept them alive with an unbeaten run of 26 games heading into the contest, and that is already an edge over the rest of the teams out there.

Italy takes pride in their well-rounded roster. They are balanced in terms of offence and defence, making them a perfect counter against bigger and more favoured teams. Mancini has been praised for his strong lead with the team, and they are looking at a better chance to win the Euro title in the coming months.

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A better chance for Italy

The last time Italy lost a game was back in September 2018. That one was a reverse against the world champs Portugal. Since then, Mancini did a great job of instilling confidence and a strong mentality on the pitch. The squad is yet to be defeated by any side.

Italy has pulled off a huge run of 28 unbeaten games and they have a chance to keep it going in the coming tourney. This puts pressure on other teams in the contest and the Italian squad themselves as well.

Mancini kept his squad intact with all of its talents. There is a sense of assurance that Italy could deal a bigger punch this time, and the coach expects his team to fit in well with his 4-3-3 formation - the same old style used in their past few runs.

Italy thrived in using the high line by Mancini and using that with his current squad is already a way to make sure they can win some games in the coming tourney. 

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Mancini’s lineup

Mancini has selected his men carefully for the coming games. He appealed to increase the number in the past few months, and so far he got what he wanted. Italy now has 33 players on their roster which gives them better options should they get some injuries ahead.

The 2020-21 season has seen injuries and health issues for many players in every league, so it is easy to expect Italy to come up with the best way possible to be ready in case they get a player injured.

The likes of Vincenzo Grifo, Salvatore Sirigu, Emerson, Jorginho, and many other stars are already on the list. This means the team can be really flexible enough to meet the needs of the squad.

Players are doing well for the coach, and this might just be the perfect time for the squad to shine bright in the biggest stage of European football. 

Italy is all set for the coming tourney, and facing the likes of Switzerland and Wales in the Group Stage should not be a problem for them. Their success in the past few years is already enough to believe in what they can do as they go for their second title.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA