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Team Profile: Sweden and their chances without Ibrahimovic
Jun 8, 2021, 3:00:00 AM

Team Profile: Sweden and their chances without Ibrahimovic

With Zlatan Ibrahimovic out for Sweden’s roster in the coming European Championships, the team has a lot to work on in the coming games. They have a lot to answer this time with the coming Group Stages posing as a big task for the team for the coming weeks as well.

Zlatan was set to lead Sweden’s lineup in the coming contest, but injuries later held him back from joining the team for their coming games. Now he is ruled out for the rest of the contest.

Now coach Janne Andersson has to come up with an efficient unit that could fill the gaps for the team without Zlatan’s brilliance on the pitch. Sweden has relied on him too much and it has been the main reason why they had short runs in the past few years.

Having a rounded roster with no star to focus on gives Sweden a better chance of winning since they will have no problem when it comes to working out on both ends of the pitch. The coach has plenty of options, and he even named a strong 26-man squad.

Sweden is set to take on Spain, Slovakia, and Poland in Group E, so this should be a very tough task for the team to take on.

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Key players

Sweden has a lot of talent in their roster at the very least, as most of them have been relied on when it comes to their club games. The same can be said for Sweden’s run in the current tourney. The team is also noted for their speed and high football IQ. 

So far, some have been used in many spots across the midfield and even in the attacking lane. They even have one of the notable attackers for Juve along with Cristiano Ronaldo, and there was no doubt they learned most of their skills from the former Madrid star.

Every player in the current lineup has worked hard to prove their worth on the pitch. They are also praised for their skill, balance, and ability to run the ball at pace. This is the chance they are looking for as they make their mark in the biggest stage of football. Sweden has a lot of shining hope even with the absence of Zlatan and his in-game antics.

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Relying on the squad

The midfield has at least three star players that the team can rely on. One of them has even seen a lot of success with RB Leipzig in the 2020-21 season. This Swedish star led them to a finish in the second spot of the league table.

Sweden has a very flexible roster that can fight in the tough games the contest has to offer. There are a lot of big teams out there, and it seems Sweden needs to get the job done well, at the very least.

Andersson needs to tweak his squad and make sure they will work as a whole unit in the coming games. This is a huge break for Sweden as they look to beat elite teams in the Group Stage as soon as they can.

If Sweden does make it to the next round of play in the Euro tourney, then it would be a huge feat for the squad with the hopes of a title run.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA