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The complete and comprehensive Serie A betting guide
Dec 28, 2021, 4:11:00 AM

The complete and comprehensive Serie A betting guide

The Serie A has earned its place as one of the biggest leagues to watch in Europe. This competition is all about grit and grind, and many punters want to bet on the hottest games. They could use a guide to help them make the most of their bets.

There are a lot of European leagues to bet on, but most punters would consider the Serie A as a huge league that can give them a lot of winnings. As the Italian top flight, the Serie A has raised the bar by being one of the top leagues with a lot of elite clubs.

The Serie A has a reputation of being a tactical and defensive league which makes the league a hot spot for punters. Defence plays a huge role in any game, and the Serie A’s level of play proves that there are a lot of tight games. Being known as one of the strongest national leagues in the past decade shows how intense every game is.

Serie A betting is tough compared to wagering on other leagues. Italian football has evolved over the years and it has changed the way players embrace the game today. With a lot of defensive players in the league, punters have to be smart and wise when placing their wagers which is why there is a need for a lot of research before betting.

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Research more about the Serie A

The Serie A is one tough league. There are many teams and players that can contend for the Scudetto, unlike other leagues that only have the top 10 as their elite teams. Betting on this league will take a lot of time if punters don’t know which team or player to root for. The Serie A odds are quite harder to predict than any other league due to the intense plays in each game.

For starters, a smart punter would always depend on the rankings in their wagers. Any expert would place their bets on a team that has either won the league title in the past few years, leading the league standings, or has a winning streak. 

Research plays a huge role in making the best Serie A betting predictions. Punters can make the best calls in a given betting market as long as they know who or what to bet on. Research may be a little bit of a hassle but it ends up rewarding for punters.

Reading the best Serie A betting tips is a huge plus, and no one can deny the fact that the stats are also vital and are the first factor to consider in placing wagers. These numbers make it easy to deal with since punters can base on the stats to find out which team will play better considering the pace and the overall head to head record in play.

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Odds are a strong tool for success

It is also a key factor to consider the betting odds before going for wagers right away. Serie A betting odds are closer than usual, which means that punters may need to take an extra look before betting in a snap. They need to be precise and smart with their choices, so this means a little bit of challenge.

Punters should have a good approach to their betting, which means that they should at least try to guess the outcome of a match. Watching a few Serie A games should give them a little bit of hope in their wagers so that they know how most of the games will play out. This is what makes the league fun to bet on for some of the seasoned punters out there.

If AC Milan is leading the league at a given time, then they may have a bigger shot at winning a game against a team that has a lower record and has a losing streak. This is why the last five games of a club are enough to see if they do have a chance at winning a certain game. 

There are a lot of games in a single Serie A season, so punters can see a wide range of games that have different outcomes. From clean sheets, blowouts all the way to overtime games, punters should read a lot of guides that could help them be familiar with the Serie A as a whole.

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The best Serie A betting markets

Just like any other league in Europe, the Serie A shows a lot of promise for a lot of punters. There are a lot of betting markets in a single Serie A game so they would never run out of options. This is why it is best to find out which of the markets would be good for betting.

Betting on future games is a long stretch for a lot of punters. It is best to go for this bet when there is a huge disparity between the odds of a team. If punters can see that a club is a favourite to win while the other is an underdog, then it would be easy to bet on that note.

Prop bets are also a good market to bet on. The Serie A has a few prudent scorers so it would be easy to watch out for them instead. This makes the league a little bit predictable in a way so it would be wise to place wagers on that end instead. Markets such as ‘total of yellow cards called’ would be big since defence is the main mentality for Serie A clubs.

In-play bets should be an exciting market if there are at least lopsided games. Since it is live, punters can go and watch the game while making their big call on the bet. Olimpia Milano, for example, may have a bigger turnout in the match since there are a lot of stars in the team who can help them win.

The top Serie A teams that you should bet on

There are a lot of elite teams in the Serie A that punters can bet on. Juve, AC Milan and Olimpia Milano are the top three teams that have owned the league in the past few years. Fans can expect them to go all out every year and still pull off a huge win at the end. This is why they are the best teams to wager on.

For starters, Juve is seen as the best Serie A team. Italy’s most successful club of the 20th century has won a total of 11 international titles in that span. They are the only club to win all confederation tourneys and is the third joint club overall for official international titles won with 18. It is safe to bet on this club since fans know they are great winners after all.

Inter has been a beast over the years. The club pushed for a lot of titles since the 2009-10 season and they became the first Italian club to ever win a seasonal treble. They are the only team to stay in the Italian top flight since its debut in 1909. That kind of success means a lot for punters since it is a sign that they can rely on them to win. 

AC Milan has a total of 18 trophies in international competitions, and they have also won three Intercontinental Cups, seven Champions Leagues, and two Cup Winners’ Cup. The club is also a winner of the Coppa Italia (five times) and the Supercoppa Italiana (seven times). As a leading team in the Serie A, punters can trust the team to play at a high level as they do in every run.

The best payment options

There are a lot of payment options that a punter can choose from. It is easy to expect that punters will always find a way to get their payments up and running. There are a lot of betting sites all over the world, and the best one to choose would be the one that supports many currencies such as

Fiat currencies will vary in a punter’s region, but most of the time euro, US dollar and pound sterling are widely accepted, so there isn’t much to worry about. Other currencies such as Japanese yen and Indian rupee are also accepted on most betting sites.

On top of that, there are a lot of ways to get some quick transactions. Payment options such as Skrill, PayPal, Entropay, and Mastercard are all options to use for those who want to make some fast transfers or deposits.

Crypto is also a good payment option on some betting sites. Many people prefer to use this digital currency because of its enhanced security and low transaction fees. Most betting sites accept the likes of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Tether (USDT). This just shows how easy it is to bet in the Serie A in the blink of an eye.

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Some players will have a significant impact

Any player in the Serie A has a chance to make a huge impact for his team and lead them to success. It is vital to understand that there are certain players who can change the tide of a tight game in just a whim.

This is why players are also a huge betting market. Punters go for some prop bets that would see some players score a goal or two, which show that there are more possible storylines that can happen during play. Players can change the pace and result of the game depending on their performance all the way to the final minute.

These star players have what it takes to pull off game winners, tying shots or even the crucial tackles and saves. Punters need to keep an eye on them too if they want to make the best bet available in a given game. A player’s impact is all about winning, so this shows that there are a lot of stars that punters should look out for.

Even players that will be called for a yellow or red card have an impact on the game. They can change the pace of a team which shows they are vital as well, so it is safe to assume that even those who are non-stars can also be seen as an impact player.

Serie A bets can be easier

Even though betting on Serie A takes a lot of time and effort, it all depends on how punters would try their wagers. Most punters are usually smart enough to make the best bets available to them, but it is also wise to consider a lot of factors such as team record, the last five games and pace when it comes to betting.

Betting on players is can be tricky sometimes. It is not a big day for a star player all the time and they too, have slumps and bad days. This is why it is not safe to bet on the star player all the time. Punters must consider their plays in the past few games and consider if they had any slumps as well. This plays a huge role in the wagers that will be placed by a lot of punters in a given game.

Serie A gives a different perspective on betting, and fans can expect more big chances to take a lot of winnings home. This is why Serie A stands as one of the best leagues in Europe to wager on.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

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