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What are the odds of a Nigerian AFCON Golden Boot winner?
Jan 26, 2022, 3:41:00 AM

What are the odds of a Nigerian AFCON Golden Boot winner?

Nigeria has a strong crop of forwards who have shown their prowess around the world. You can see Nigerians tearing it up across multiple leagues which is why fans are excited about their offence. Let’s talk about the possibility of a Nigerian African Cup of Nations Golden Boot winner.

When it comes to strong offensive players, most people would point to the best strikers in the world. You can expect the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Erling Haaland, and Kylian Mbappé to top the goal-scoring charts and be considered as one of the best offensive stars in the world. Since they can affect the result significantly, it is fair to say that strikers like them are important to any team’s success.

Africa has been known for producing strong offensive stars over the years. It is safe to say that some of those stars are at the forefront when the AFCON is ongoing. The Ivory Coast has the likes of Didier Drogba and Gervinho who are both legends of their countries. You can also say the same for countries like Cameroon with Samuel Eto’o and Ghana with Andre Ayew.

You can expect stellar goal-scorers from everywhere as Africa has proven to be the region where they are developed. Africa is not well-known as a strong soccer region but it has improved over the past few years.

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What is the AFCON Golden Boot award?

In soccer, many people wonder what is the Golden Boot award in soccer. For the people who aren’t fans of the sport, the award is pretty simple if you’re wondering how Golden Boot is decided. It is always given to the top goal-scorers of any tournament. If you are watching European football, this is the award that Robert Lewandowski is always winning even if the Bundesliga has a different design or name to the award.

The European Golden Boot has become synonymous with a stellar performance on offence which has led to it being the main metric for offensive strength. If they can sustain their form and still score goals, it is fair to see the top players win the award. If you look at England and see the Premier League Golden Boot winners, they always come from forwards who can find their way into the box and score goals from absurd angles.

In the AFCON, the award functions in the same way because it is given to the best goal-scorer in the competition. It has been given to some strong players over the years including Eto’o, Shaun Bartlett, Odion Ighalo, and many more. AFCON is blessed with talented goal-scorers and the Golden Boot winners have proved it.

AFCON is one of the hardest tournaments to play in and these goal-scorers make the sport look easy. They have proven that they can play at the highest level on both ends of the pitch. Of course, the offence takes precedence because the region is better known on that end compared to other playstyles.

You can expect that AFCON will have strong offensive systems that keep up with teams who play more aggressively. It is difficult to win the Golden Boot in a defensive style but it has proven that the award is pretty exciting considering that African players show their potential.

With the rate in African countries improving, you can expect some great players in the future. Africa has shown that they can keep up against any team in the world and their players are following suit.

One promising team is the Nigerian squad. They are not only producing their own players but the quality of their national team members has also gone up. You can expect strong players to be the key behind their team’s success since they have to play huge roles for their squad.

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The Nigeria national football team has depth

Nigeria is filled with talented players especially since they have a domestic league. The Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) is one of the biggest competitions in Africa and it has produced many national team players. 

Since they are dubbed the Super Eagles, Nigeria has to succeed every year. They need to live up to their name because they will get bullied by other fans and teams if they keep losing. When you look at the players who have played for NPFL, you can see that they have a good foundation, especially on defence. If they can keep this going, you can expect that Nigeria will become a powerhouse team in international football. They already have strong players in the Big Five leagues in Europe but Nigeria can leave a bigger impact in the next generation.

Over the past few years, Nigeria has been thriving in its region and the players it has produced. They are not only a strong offensive squad but they hold it on when talking about others. They have the talent but it is tough to keep up with other high-quality teams like squads in Europe. 

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Most of the best Nigerian players leave the NPFL to play for clubs in Europe which is great for their development. This goes back to Jay-Jay Okocha who was one of the pioneers for Nigerian soccer. You should expect the players to have a stronger sense of urgency now because the country is one of the best in Africa and they have the chance to surprise the rest of the world with their level of performance.

With Gernot Rohr at the helm as the team’s head coach from 2016 to 2021, the team was in good hands. While he is not the most popular name in Nigeria because of his tactics questioned by fans, he led the team to its most successful era. They made it to international competitions even reaching the biggest stage like the World Cup. With his sacking, Nigeria has proven that they can keep up with a new system in place.

Nigeria has a great squad headlined by some big names. If you’re looking at the forwards, you can have the likes of Kelechi Iheanacho and Victor Osimhen as the young players who can be stalwarts for the future. The rest of the team is filled with players from different European leagues including Leon Balogun from Scotland’s top-flight and of course, team captain William Troost-Ekong playing for Watford in England. 

The team is stacked with talented players and fans should realize that. When it comes to individual skills, it is hard to go against Nigeria because they have talent on both ends of the pitch. So, for Nigeria, who wins Golden Boot? It will be tough but Kelechi and Osimhen are probably the best options if you’re a bettor.

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Nigeria’s current odds

When it comes to Nigeria’s odds of winning AFCON or another international tourney, they are likely to take some solid wins. With the amount of talent on the squad, it is difficult to bet against them. They have stellar players who deserve the spotlight and it is a disservice to them if they are overlooked. 

The best players on the team would have to be their forwards in Kelechi and Osimhen but the team is much deeper than that. Troost-Ekong leads a solid cast of defenders but their midfield and wings are probably the most overlooked part of their squad.

With the likes of Ahmed Musa, Alex Iwobi, and Wilfred Ndidi leading the line for Nigeria, it is hard to beat this team. Ndidi, in particular, is probably the most talented midfielder in the squad as he can dribble past any player but still work hard on defence. He is the type of player who any coach would love to have on their squad especially with what he has shown for Leicester City in the English Premier League.

There are still some players waiting on the sidelines like Emmanuel Dennis who is a big talking point for Nigeria. He hasn’t received many opportunities to show his skills but his time with Watford in England can be a good sign that he’s receiving some chances. If he can get the proper playing time, he is a dark horse that can rock Golden Boot history at AFCON.

If you’re thinking about the top tier of African football, you should be pleased with seeing Nigeria as the best nation that can compete with the other strong squads. If you’re a bettor, you should try Nigeria as a top choice for your betting decisions. The Golden Boot will be a fun side bet which can earn you loads of rewards. 

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA


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