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May 22, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Troy Deeney Admits that He Was Trouble Early in His Career

Before joining Watford in 2010, Deeney was a problematic player at Walsall and he admits that. He has since become the face of the Watford Hornets.

Deeney admits that he had a lot of problems back then but he has since improved on himself. He has created a stellar career with Watford and he has become one of the best role models in the entire Premier League. He has also said that he sought professional help back in the day because he wanted to become a better person and a better play alongside it. He said, ‘The hardest thing for anyone is to admit you have a problem and then to act on it. I genuinely used to love a drink. I lived for the weekends and if that ended up in a scrap, so be it. That was the environment I grew up in. It was normal for me to act that way because everyone did it’.

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His character shines through because admitting that you had problems is a brave thing to do. You should be aware of your problems and you should address them in a healthy manner like what Deeney did. Look at where he is now, he is one of the star players in Watford’s club history.

He said, ‘Now I look back and think, “What an idiot” — but I’d never change my past because it genuinely made me who I am today. I am still working on being completely teetotal and the anger issues are a work in progress. There’s a lot of deep-rooted stuff in terms of my childhood and not being happy with aspects of my life. All of this I’m doing with professional help. Every Monday, from 2 pm until 5 pm, I sit and talk and try to peel back the layers of the onion that is me’.

Hopefully, this serves as an example to sports fans that when you need help it is never wrong to ask for help from other people. Just like Deeney, having people that can listen to you will be a great thing.

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He knows that therapy is not really for everyone but he encourages people to do similar things. Deeney said that when he managed to work sort everything out due to him seeking therapy. He admits that it is not for everyone to do because it is hard and ‘not fun’. But he sees it as a way to relieve stress and release your emotions when you are tired and having bad days.

Deeney also detailed how his former managers at Watford tried to help him but he was not willing to receive help at that time. He deeply regrets his actions back then. Deeney said, ‘But at Watford, Malky Mackay and Sean Dyche were very strict in terms of the group mattering more than the individual. Malky tried his best to rein me in, putting his neck on the line for me. I massively let him down’.

It is not hard to see why Deeney is a great player. He is a physically-gifted athlete but he complements that with the right mindset towards the game. He is also a great leader, setting a good example for not only his teammates but to the fans watching as well. Knowing that he had problems in the past is even more compelling because he got through them unscathed.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA