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Jun 5, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Virgil Van Dijk’s Way of Coping with the Pandemic

No one is exempted from the global pandemic. After the Premier League made its decision to suspend the entire season to preserve the health of their players, most clubs had to find ways to stay in touch. Even Liverpool’s players are struggling with the adverse effects of the pandemic.

Virgil van Dijk came up with his perspective on the different things he’s done to cope with the lockdown. He focused on how vital it is for people to come together as one in dealing with the current situation, and he is definitely serious about it.

Liverpool is actually using video calls to maintain contact with their players. They are given training programmes which can be done from home while players are spending a lot of time with their families and such.

‘Obviously it has been very surreal, a bit crazy’, said van Dijk. ‘You have never experienced things like this before, you see these kinds of things in TV shows or films, things that you never really come up against. The reality is it’s just a crazy time right now. The most important thing is everyone’s safety. Yeah, as long as we’re together, that’s the most important thing’.

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The Reds were two wins away from clinching the Premier League title. They have built a solid bond through the whole season, and it is quite surprising for them to suddenly shift to staying at home.

‘We are away quite a lot, whether it’s travelling or staying in hotels before games. We’re not at home a lot and if we’re home it’s normally the time when the kids are in bed and stuff’, van Dijk explained. ‘So to be home right now 24/7 with the kids, all together, is precious time. We definitely enjoy it. I enjoy it a lot, the kids are enjoying it, everyone is enjoying it. It all benefits in that case. Just enjoy it, don’t take anything for granted’.

Van Dijk also explained how hard it was to adjust to their current situation from being used to having a mindset that is maintained for their matches. It was a big shift from playing games and resting up to come and train.

Now with the Premier League set to make its comeback on June 12, we might just see the Reds finally clinch a title for the first time in 30 years with just two wins from capturing it. There is a lot at stake for them this time.

Van Dijk knows that everything will come down to this. He is really determined to finish the season and win the Premier League once and for all.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA