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May 22, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Wanyama Says Southampton Players Did Not Pass to Mané

Liverpool striker Sadio Mané was once a bright prospect for Southampton. He believes that his teammates during that time chose to not pass to him.

Mané was a bright prospect back when he was with Southampton but everyone knew that he had the potential to become a star. He still managed to become a good player during his time with the team, scoring 21 goals across 67 appearances. But it could have been more because some teammates were willingly not passing to him.

During their time together in Southampton under manager Mauricio Pochettino, Victor Wanyama and Mané was a close duo. Wanyama opened up about their relationship. He said, ‘We were like a family under one father Pochettino but I and Mane forged a bigger brotherhood bond but Morgan Schneiderlin was also a great friend’.

They were players of different positions but they managed to bond leading to their chemistry on the pitch.

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Unfortunately, even if Mané had an immense amount of talent, there were some players on the team that chose to steer away from Mané. Wanyama took notice and managed to convince some of the other players to pass.

Wanyama said, ‘At one point, Mané approached me and told me, “Hi man, these guys do not want to pass the ball to me, can the two of us play closely. They do not want me to score.” I reluctantly agreed and anytime I got the ball I would pass it to him though. I wanted to treat him right since he is a good and nice guy’.

This is a sign of a great teammate. Anyone can realize that Mané was a special talent, and their way to win should have been led by him. Some of the Southampton players were selfish and insecure because Mané had an immense amount of talent.

Ever since he left the team for Liverpool in 2016, Mané has become a superstar. He has won the Golden Boot in the Premier League and he has led Liverpool to countless victories across all of their competitions. The most prominent of which is the Champions League and Club World Cup victories.

Surely those players are scratching their head because Mané is now a world-class striker.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA