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Mar 27, 2020, 6:47:00 AM

Watford's Players are Still Hard at Work

With the Premier League being suspended, Watford’s first-team players are still hard at work at home. They were given training regimen by team officials.

Watford players are continuing to adjust to the new norm of the Premier League at the moment. Club officials have not given a return date to training because of the escalating spread of the pandemic. During the early days of the suspension, the players were given a ‘basic programme’ to follow during their time at home.

Since them, Watford’s fitness coach Victor Cervera has amped up the fitness programme for the club. He has given the details of the new regimen. He said, ‘The programme has changed a bit. They have a couple of sessions during the day: a muscular part in terms of strength and another one for cardiovascular fitness. That CV session is done on a bike, on a treadmill or some have been doing it in the park if they haven't got the facilities at home’.

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Players like Kiko Femenia and Troy Deeney have even recorded their training at home. They are focusing on the basics and things that they can do at home. They are taking into account the players’ space and the extra time that they can put in for extra work that cannot be done during the regular season.

It has been relatively successful given the unfortunate situation that the players are in right now. Cervera, in particular, is pleased with the results. He said, ‘They are working very hard. The engagement in the programme has been high. They are completing all the sessions we have prescribed and some of them are contacting me asking to do more. Sometimes I need to stop them and say “Today is not the day” as it's important they stay in their physiological zone otherwise it interrupts the sessions we have planned. I am texting them daily and we can make the next microcycle a bit harder if necessary’.

It has been an amazing process because the program focuses on avoiding social contact from the outside world. The attention to detail is still excellent and is specifically catered to the needs of each individual player.

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Goalkeeper Daniel Bachmann has said that he loves that Watford has given them something to do during the suspension. He said, ‘We are all in the same situation. We just want everyone to get back healthy and stay safe. At the same time we know we have got to stay ready as we don't know if and when we are going to restart. We've got a bit of time off and we can't switch off completely. You've got to be ready for when the call comes to train and play again’.

The Premier League recently announced that the suspension has been extended from April 4 to April 30. It has brought out an interesting discussion because the season may be in jeopardy of cancellation. It will devalue all the teams’ efforts this season especially Liverpool at the top. This is because Liverpool has not won a Premier League title in a long time.

It will also devalue Watford’s victory over Liverpool because they are the only Premier League team to have a victory over the Reds this season. Hopefully, the situation will improve so that the Premier League can have a definitive end.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA