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What are the odds of a Kenyan AFCON Golden Boot winner?
Jan 26, 2022, 3:34:00 AM

What are the odds of a Kenyan AFCON Golden Boot winner?

Kenya was one of the strongest teams that fought in the African Cup of Nations in 2022. They are keen to get a chance at winning the league title, but there are also talks of how much chance the team has to have a player win the AFCON Golden Boot award.

Football is all about European teams and leagues most of the time, however, Africa is now stealing the show as they aim to showcase their best players and teams. The AFCON proves to the rest of the world why African teams are also to be feared in football games.

Aside from the big teams and star players, the AFCON also shows why it is a huge feat for African nations to prove that they can also deliver some of the big games that football fans are craving for. 

The AFCON games are intense, and there are a lot of players from different nations who want a chance to shine on the big stage. This puts more emphasis on the AFCON as a top tourney that will be seen as a huge battle for the ages.

Kenya stands as a nation that hopes to make an impact on the competition, and fans would be pleased to know that they are gunning for a big win in this competition. No one can deny the fact that Kenya is now a contender who has a chance to break their title drought.

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What is the AFCON Golden Boot award?

The AFCON Golden Boot award is just the same as the European Golden Boot given to the top scorers in a given league season or in the AFCON’s case, a tourney. The award is all about scoring goals and the best players in the league will get the chance to win this as long as they nail more shots for their clubs.

There aren’t many factors as to how Golden Boot is decided. Players just need to tally the most goals in a given season or competition and it determines who wins Golden Boot. It does not matter if they even win or lose games and the whole tourney. This is one of the most unique awards in football since there is no MVP award in the same way that baseball, basketball, and American football does.

A Golden Boot winner is also the same as the scoring title in some sports such as basketball. Some people still debate on what is the Golden Boot award in soccer and its counterpart in other sports. 

The AFCON features a total of 24 nations that will battle for the trophy. There are a lot of reasons why the AFCON Golden Boot is a title to remember, and one of those is because the tourney only happens every two years, and it would be a bit of a legacy to see if the players can pull off a record in the competition.

There are a lot of players who have won in Golden Boot history over the years. Fans are keen to see a lot of big goals and finishes in the AFCON. The Premier League Golden Boot winners should be an inspiration to all which will fuel a lot of players to strive harder.

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Kenya national football team

The Harambee Stars represent Kenya at the international level. It is led by the Football Kenya Federation and plays as a member of the Confederation of African Football. They are one of the few teams in the AFCON that has not yet won once in the competition.

The Stars hope to lift the title at the end of the tourney. Fans will get the chance to see the intense action at the Nyayo National Stadium in the country's capital, Nairobi. They are yet to get a chance at the top football tourneys so far, and a win in this competition would be their ticket to bigger stages.

Kenya’s first run at the AFCON was in 2004 but failed to qualify for the tourney until 2019. That time, it was coach Sebastien Migne who was leading the team and has served a full year for the team. Under his lead, the Stars thrived and found their way back into the top 100 among football nations.

The Stars have been one of the best teams in the league thanks to their big games and a few shots of success. The team proved that they can go up even against some of the best teams in Africa. 

While Africa is dominated by the likes of Egypt, Ethiopia, and Algeria, Kenya is still one of the top teams in the AFCON who is seen as a squad that can pack a punch. Kenya is considered as one of the favourites to win, and they can show a lot of hope in their games at the AFCON.

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The Stars may have been a quiet team back then, but they are starting to show signs of life and prove that they are also one of the squads to look out for. Who knows, they may even shock the rest of the teams in the AFCON if they ever manage to dethrone the defending champions Algeria.

In 10 matches for the 2021 run, Kenya has a 4-4-2 record. Their wins came against South Sudan, Tanzania, Togo and Rwanda. Their only two losses came at a 5-0 clean sheet loss to Mali and another at 1-0. 

To make their stance better, Kenya has forced a 1-1 draw against Egypt in the 2021 season. Egypt is one of the teams that are expected to make a golden run in the AFCON games. Getting a draw against a top team is a huge feat for Kenya and it could spark a lot of confidence for them as well.

Michael Olunga is the current captain for the Harambee Stars. Since joining the team in 2015, the skipper has tallied 21 goals in 48 games and he is known as one of the iconic figures in the league whose leadership remains unmatched over the years.

On top of that, 14 of his 21 goals came in a tournament which says a lot about his next games in the AFCON since he is a clutch scorer. Fans would love to see him play at the top of his games in the competition. This is a chance for the captain to lead Kenya into a new era of success and make them known as champs as well.

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Kenya’s current odds

Kenya still has a lot to work with in the coming AFCON aside from their roster. The team has been effective with a defensive approach, and fans can expect more from their games as they look to score more wins with that kind of play in the coming matches.

The Stars are still considered unripe by many experts as their roster is still yet to get a lot of experience in the big leagues but it is also the reason why they are exciting to watch. The lack of experience fuels them to play harder than before. 

Kenya looks to move past their reputation of being a lowly team in Africa, and fans can expect them to stay on the prowl as they look to leave their mark. Who knows, this may be the big break that Kenya has been waiting for.

The odds are looking good for Kenya so far. Their 4-4-2 record in the 2021 season says a lot about the way they play their games. It is hard to say if the squad will fail to get the needed wins to make it to the quarter-finals, but no one can count them out just yet since they have shown some grit in their past games.

For example, that 1-1 draw with Egypt proves that they can battle even against the best of the best. Kenya is a gritty squad and they have worked hard to show what they can offer at the biggest stage of the game. Perhaps a bigger chance in the coming years would be a huge push for the team in the long run.

The odds of a Kenyan winning a Golden Boot is still far, but the next few editions would be another chance for Kenya to get a chance in the AFCON games.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: Alamy


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