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What is the Victoria NPL and how to bet on it
Mar 28, 2022, 5:38:00 AM

What is the Victoria NPL and how to bet on it

Like the English Premier League, Australia’s National Premier League is a highly competitive football league. With its increasing popularity, punters are on the run to place the best wagers.

With numerous teams and elite players contending at the highest level, the fun-factor of the NPL Victoria continues to grow unto its longtime fans and newcomers too. Here is everything you need to know about the league and how to bet on NPL Victoria.

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A brief history of the National Premier League (NPL) Victoria

The National Premier League Victoria or NPL Victoria is a professional football league based in Australia. It is also the second overall tier in the Australian pyramid of football. Administered by Football Victoria, the NPL Victoria is its latest version of the first division tournaments in the state of Australia.

The league was known as the Victorian State League and later became the Victorian Premier League in 1908. However, the league officially commenced in 1909 with Carlton United as the first team to be crowned as champions.

Post World War I

Since its inception, the league continuously found its stride and sought to penetrate the football industry until the years 1916-1918. After 1945, the league and other major sports tournaments around the country received a large boost in popularity as an influx of European migrants stayed in the country and became major football fans. 

The greatest team during this era was undoubtedly Juventus as they continued their dominance from the early 40s to 50s by winning six titles and five in a row from 1952 to 1956.

In 1958, after the Victorian Amateur Soccer Federation was established, the NPL Victoria became known as the Victorian State League. From 1962 to 1976, the NPL was largely dominated by teams like Melbourne Hellas and Footscray JUST where both won 11 titles.

The establishment of the National Soccer League (NSL)

After the 60s era, the National Soccer League (NSL) was established in 1977 and gradually lost most of its more dominant clubs, a trend that continued towards the 1980s when the NSL used its split conference system.

The dominant club during 1977-2004 was Green Gully which won six titles despite missing the 1984-86 season since it got into the NSL. 

The NPL now

In 2013, Victoria announced that it would join the National Premier League in the 2014 season. Though the Football Federation Victoria first proposed the idea and was placed in hiatus in November 2013, the deferral was mostly due to several clubs objecting to the process of team selections.

However, by December 2013, a resolution was reached whereby the teams would participate in the 2014 season and continue giving fans what they wanted, which is great football.

Now, the NPL is striving in Australia and parts of Europe where different teams are competing for the championship every year. With Matthew Foschini and Wade Dekker being the ambassadors of the league as of writing, the NPL Victoria continues to please fans with its great display of sportsmanship.

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Tournament format

The NPL Victoria has 14 teams and is scheduled to play different NPL Victoria fixtures during the regular season. The season is staged during the start of Australian winter which will run from February to late August.

The league combines parts of both the traditional European round-robin system and the Australian-style Finals series in its competition format. 

The NPL regular season explained 

The NPL Victoria regular season consists of a double round-robin system. Each club will play against every other club twice in the year, once at home and once at the opponent’s field, for a total of 26 NPL Victoria matches. 

For each win, victorious teams will receive three points and a point for draws. Losses won’t contribute to any point which means that every win counts to either qualify for the Finals or remain on the top of the table. 

Clubs are ranked based on the number of points they earned throughout the season. If two teams have an equal number of points by the end of the year, they will be separated on the goal difference to the number of goals scored which will be calculated across all NPL Victoria matches. 

The NPL Victoria’s Rules of Competition provide aggregate and away goals in case ties become prominent between teams. The team ranked first by the end of the regular season becomes the early entry for the NPL Finals.

The NPL Finals series explained 

The conclusion of every regular season is the Finals series. The Finals consist of six highest-ranked teams for the whole NPL Victoria season. The Finals will take place for three weeks with teams entering a series based on their finishes on the table.

Clubs from 3-6 enter an elimination finals stage where the third-ranked team plays against the sixth and the fourth will play against the fifth. The two victors of the elimination finals will meet the clubs ranked 1 and 2 for the semi-finals round.

The premier in the regular season will play the lower-ranked qualifier for the elimination finals while the runner-up plays the higher-ranked qualifier. The Finals will conclude with a grand final that’s played between the two victors of the semi-finals round. 

The winner of the grand finals will then be crowned as the champions of the season. If a draw happens at the end of a normal match’s time, 30 minutes of extra time is played. If a draw still occurs, a penalty shoot-out will be played between the teams until the first club hits the goal. 

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Victoria NPL betting tips

After understanding how the league works, it’s time to learn how to bet smartly and start winning every single wager. Here are the best NPL Victoria betting tips:

Understand the odds

Sports betting odds are present in every betting market you can find. It also helps punters determine favourites, underdogs, chances of draw, etc. Sportsbet also lets you choose from five different odds formats based on your preference. Here are two NPL Victoria odds types:

Decimal odds

The decimal odds is represented by the amount of wins for every $1 bet. For instance, the Altona Magic and Avondale FC match might have odds of 1.65 and 2.62 respectively. This means that the former has a better chance of winning and is regarded as the favourites. 

American odds 

The American odds are denoted by a + and - symbol where the former represents the underdogs and the latter are the favourites. The odds of the favourites provides a payout that’s lower than the odds of the underdogs when you consider the risks of betting on the latter. 

Look at the betting markets available 

Aside from the odds, an important factor in deciding the outcome of the games which you can do using the different betting markets.

Betting markets are different ways you can bet on a game aside from the normal moneyline bets that are common in sports betting. Here are the most profitable and common betting styles in NPL Victoria:

Winner (incl. overtime)

Betting on the winner of a match is among the most common betting markets. All you need to do is place your wagers on the team you think will win by the end of the match. 

Draw no bet

Another popular betting market when watching football is the draw no bet market. By simply selecting which team will win or draw, you are guaranteed a payout no matter what. This is a great bet to make if you don’t want to back the losers of the game. It is also referred to as an insurance bet in case a draw occurs which is frequent in the NPL Victoria. 

Asian handicap

The Asian handicap betting is another easy way to place wagers where you choose two teams and add them together. Therefore, if you think that the favourites total will be greater than the other team’s total, then bet on the favourite team to win. 

You can either wager on the favourites or underdogs like any other betting market. The Asian handicap is simply a reminder that you cannot bet more than the two units per selection. 

Over or under bets

An over bet will have you place wagers on your selected team to score more than the points or goals you set before the bets. On the other hand, under betting is where the score will be below what is expected before placing your wagers. 

First to score

The first to score betting market is easy to predict because it is done through a coin toss. You have a 50/50 chance of getting the right team to score first, but in general, the home team tends to score first due to a variety of factors.

For starters, the home crowd will cheer on the team to score and therefore there is a high likelihood for the home team to score first. However, this varies because clubs usually play defence and a turnover happens more often than not which can shift to the visiting club scoring first. 

Watch NPL Victoria’s games

Watching any sports league more often will give you the needed insight to wisely place your wagers. By learning each team’s history, players, injury records, and management, you’re prime to get the best experience when betting. 

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Notable Victoria football clubs to bet on

The players in all NPL Victoria teams are some of the most competitive and athletic football athletes in the world. When betting, the teams below are your sure-fire clubs to bet on:

Altona Magic 

The Altona Magic SC is among the best teams in the league that’s based in Altona North of Melbourne, Victoria Australia. 

With players like Jon Mcshane, Jason Hayne, and Adamson Ajayi, the Magic took State League 1 North-West and won the title in 2016. After that, the Altona Magic SC proceeded to dominate the championship round that saw the loss of Mornington SC. 

After the 2016 title run, Altona confirmed its participation in the NPL Victoria and appointed Goran Lozanovski as their senior head manager for the team. They won the following season’s championship in 2017 and became a prominent club in the league. 

Melbourne Knights 

Founded in 1954, the Melbourne Knights became one of the most prominent teams based in Croatia and now rallied in the NPL as a great young team. 

With players like Josip Šimunić, Ayden Brice, and Anthony Frangie, the Knights are slowly edging upwards on the table and seeking to participate in the Finals series of the NPL Victoria league. 

Green Gully 

Green Gully is one of the most storied franchises in the NPL Victoria league as it boasts being one of the top teams in the last decade. It made its way to the preliminary finals in 2012 and since then became a perennial contender for the title in years. 

The club has 9 titles in its history and is looking to add to their collection of trophies. With players like Jeremy Walker, Alex Salmon, and Matthew Fletcher, the club is one of punters’ most reliable teams to bet on for their consistent dominance each season. 

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The NPL Victoria football league is among the most entertaining football mediums fans can watch and bet on at the same time. For the most reliable sports betting site to start placing your wagers, Sportsbet is one of the best in the business.

With the tips mentioned above, you can start winning today and wager wisely. As the league gains more recognition because of its brilliant players, the betting scene will become more famous as well which is a great way to begin your career as an expert punter. 

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