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Which team will win in the 'group of death'?
Jun 11, 2021, 4:27:00 AM

Which team will win in the 'group of death'?

It seems there is no group more hyped than Group F, which is also known as the ‘group of death’. The Group is set to play games with the likes of Germany, Hungary, France, and champions Portugal, making it a huge pick for fans to see.

There is no way fans are going to miss this one as the games are set to take place in a crucial week for the contest. After all, seeing the titans of the game is a sight to behold for many fans all over the world. 

With that said, which team in Group F will come out on top and get a shot at the deeper stages of the contest in the long run? Many fans are also wondering if Portugal will win their second title in a row. The team should come out on top, but they will need to bring out the best of their games against a very tight group.

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France has firepower coming into this one. The late addition of Karim Benzema to the roster is a huge plus. The Madrid striker could be an x-factor in scoring the ball for the team. The side had an easy run to make it to this stage despite dropping a game to Turkey.

Coach Didier Deschamps made a good call in his past games. So far, the team’s attack would be the main focus for their coming games, and there is no doubt they can keep on putting pressure on the rest of the teams.


Germany won only two of its six games in the Nations League, but they did better in the World Cup games despite a tough loss to North Macedonia. While those may be a big concern, the side is yet to enter a panic mode so far.

There is not much to expect from Joachim Low’s side after that dismal start prior to the Euro tourney. Germany’s roster is made to counter the titans of this contest, so there should be no problem for them when it comes to battling the best of the other sides.

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Portugal is all about Cristiano Ronaldo and the rest of the open squad. They can counter most of every team’s assets as they did in 2016. It is no surprise that the side can win once again.

Back then, they used to rely on Ronaldo alone, but since they have a much more flexible unit, they do have a better chance this time. A stronger unit composed of elite stars is enough to win every game.


Hungary looks like the underdog for this group, being the only one not to make it to the semis in the past few years. Still, the team packs a punch into this contest, and they have a fair chance to survive this group at the very least.

Coach Marco Rossi is one of the best minds in football, and fans can expect him to think outside the box and steal some key wins. They can exploit the flaws of each side in the group should they ever find one.

With intense matches set for every team in this group, some fans already have their picks at the very least. Portugal is hungry for more titles, while both France and Germany are eager to come up with a stronger push. Hungary is keen to deliver a win as well.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA