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Why Adrian is a key player for Liverpool
Jun 21, 2021, 3:00:00 AM

Why Adrian is a key player for Liverpool

Adrian is one of the best players Liverpool has called on in their times of need. The keeper has stepped up many times in his games for the Reds, and now he has a chance to do it again. He has inked a new deal with the club and is set to play for them in the next years to come.

While Liverpool had a tough run in 2020-21, the Reds still found a way to claw their way back to the top five and finish in the third spot for the Prem. The club may have lost in their quest for the Champions League and was close to a drop from the top 10, but they fought back and closed the run in a strong fashion.

Adrian was pleased with the results of their run this year. Now inked as a Reds keeper in the years to come, he has a chance to prove his worth once more.

The keeper has been with the club since August 2019. He played a key role in the Reds’ big run in 2019-20. That time, Liverpool took home the league title, Champions League, Super Cup, and the Club World Cup.

Adrian is glad to put his pride with the club once more. This is a chance for him to show why he is fit to wear the big club kit.

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Thankful for a chance

Adrian is one of boss Jurgen Klopp’s gritty players who has been there since the start in the past run. He is keen to bring more silver for the club and this is one of the reasons the team inked him for more time.

The no. 13 also said this is the right time for him to step up and make sure he is still a big piece in Klopp’s roster. 

‘I’m very happy to stay in the club. It’s a gift from the club for the hard work that I’ve been doing since I signed two years ago. It’s a pleasure to stay in Liverpool’, Adrian said. ‘It’s such a big club. But being as well a family club, it’s very special for any player to stay here’.

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Years of football action

As Adrian said, most football stars switch sides at some point in their runs. The keeper has played for Real Betis and West Ham before he went for Liverpool. He would love to give all he has learned in his years of play and bring success to his team.

‘I try to help the team’, Adrian said. ‘When you give your best, the other one is giving their best for sure and you push each other. In the end, it’s good for the club, for the group’.

Adrian is also keen to think about the next big run and go for another season that would bring out the best in his game. He’s been the next man up for star keeper Alisson Becker, but of course, every player wants a shot at the starting job.

Liverpool has an eager star who wants to leave it all in the field, and Adrian will not let this chance of a lifetime slip past him.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA