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Why Alaba can make an impact for Madrid
Jul 22, 2021, 3:03:00 AM

Why Alaba can make an impact for Madrid

David Alaba is set to play for Madrid in the 2020-21 season. The former Bayern Munich star might just be the key to their success as they can rely on him to bring in a huge impact on the defensive end for the team’s upcoming campaign.

With Sergio Ramos out for Madrid, the defence has found a huge hole in its core. This means that the team has to find a way to get the best players who can fill the void left by the former captain.

The Blancos have been busy at the market to see who could help them boost their chances at the 2021-22 run. Madrid fell short in the La Liga and lost to Atletico in the final. This was a huge blow to the club and they aim to come back stronger than ever.

So far, there isn’t much to talk about with Madrid’s offence. The core remains there, and this just proves that the team will need to fix their woes on the defensive end. With no Ramos to lead the way, the spot falls to other defensive stars such as Raphael Varane and many other players.

Alaba can get a shot at the spot, which means that the former Bayern star can try to impress coach Carlo Ancelotti to earn his playing time with the club.

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Ancelotti’s hopes on Alaba

It is yet to be known where Alaba will line up for the Blancos, but Ancelotti can find a way to insert the star and give him more minutes. After all, the coach expects more from Alaba and wants to see him play at a higher level.

‘I put him at centre-back in my last games at Bayern Munich, but sometimes he plays in midfield for Austria and can also play on the left’, the coach said. ‘He is a complete player who is going to do very well this season’.

Alaba can play a lot of roles for the team which means he is a big help. Ancelotti’s faith in him should be met by the former Bayern star’s performance in the season. Alaba must make sure he does well to help them win. Madrid’s lack of a solid defence might just pull them down into the depths of La Liga soon.

Alaba has a lot to offer to Madrid this season. Ancelotti sees how the star rolls, so there is not much pressure for the defender to get to his groove.

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Varane’s pending exit

With Varane in talks with Manchester United, this just means that the team may have to consider Alaba as the starting man sooner or later. Varane is currently linked to Manchester United, so this means that a deal should be in the works.

The Blancos have two options here for now. The first is to consider putting Alaba at Ramos’ spot and make sure that they find another man to take Varane’s role. They would need at least two more players to fill in the defence if Varane moves to United.

Alaba can also play for Varane’s spot and the club will have to worry about the rest of the spots left behind. As a flexible star, Alaba is a huge win for Madrid which gives them a boost to win La Liga again.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA