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Why Arsenal struck gold with the duo of Martinelli and Saka
Dec 3, 2021, 7:11:00 AM

Why Arsenal struck gold with the duo of Martinelli and Saka

After easily beating the lowly Newcastle United on November 27, Arsenal's key pieces are starting to look like the future of the league. Both Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka are proving to be more than just young football players with high potentials.

The offensive display of the young football players, Martinelli and Saka, has the winless Newcastle Utd beaten to a crisp with a resounding 2-0 tally by the end of the match. Fans are quick to realise that Arsenal might be onto something with their young core players. 

One of these fans is Arsenal’s very own goalkeeper, Emiliano Martinez, who professed that the dynamic duo are simply ‘different class’. The team rallied as Newcastle was simply no match against the star-studded young team whose main play is pure offense and nothing but relentlessness on both ends of the field. 

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Golden touches by both Gabriel Martinelli and Bukayo Saka 

After Martinelli scored the goal, Saka followed another beautiful kick to send Newcastle home with a huge ‘L’ with the latter’s second field goal in this Premier League’s season. These are only two plays that encapsulated how the duo of both Martinelli and Saka dominated Newcastle after posing sheer force against the defense when the two up-and-coming football superstars ran up and down the grassy terrain. 

This win secured Arsenal the fifth place in the table, and with how they played against Newcastle, they’re only going to get better as time passes. With Saka on the field and Martinelli on the sidelines, the former finished his minutes with an incredible display of dribbling and ultimately fired a wild kick to send Newcastle trailing 0-1 as he scored the goal tremendously. 

At the 56-minute mark, Saka was substituted by Martinelli and volleyed a goal to send Newcastle packing with a 0-2 deficit. The game was over at that point, and Arsenal has now maintained its position in the table alongside West Ham United with the exact same points. Unfortunately for Newcastle, they’ll have to play against Burnley who are also crippling with woes that puts the team in 18th place where Newcastle isn’t far off. 

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Newcastle woes stretch to 13 games still being winless in the league

The truth is, top teams like Arsenal are simply too much for Newcastle to bear. With superb defense and rising stars everywhere, there’s nothing Newcastle can do that will change the outcome of the games the team has played so far. 

To make matters worse, this year’s Newcastle is experiencing one of the longest winning droughts in the history of the Premier League that extended to 13 games after Arsenal beat them easily. Not only will they be needing quality football players to make up for their lackluster season, it would also be difficult to find more solid players. 

Sporting an already weak offense, Arsenal’s defenders are making it even more difficult for Newcastle to take form and score goals when elite defenders are barricading the goal post from left to right. It didn’t help regardless of Callum Wilson’s early showing of a great game only to get stumped a few couple of minutes later by Saka and Martinelli.  

Matters will only get worse from there when facing other quality teams in the future, and with their offensive and defensive slump, the Magpies are looking to seriously make a turn of events after nearing the relegation zone. Battling it out against the Canaries without Jamaal Lascelles and Matt Ritchie is what every Newcastle fans are dreading since the signs of longer winning droughts are showing earlier during the season. 

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Arsenal has bright future with its young stars

Considering how young both Martinelli and Saka are, it should go without saying that Arsenal has found their diamonds of the rough after scoring against Newcastle. Their offensive identity to attack defenders relentlessly is an early showing of what legends are made of from the likes of Kevin De Bruyne and Christiano Ronaldo. 

While both players are still learning the greater aspects of being great football players, the comparison of the iconic players from each of their respective teams (Kevin De Bruyne and Christiano Ronaldo) is not hyperbole considering both too started out being young and relentless to score and charge over defenders. 

As the season wanes on and the two rising stars reach their primes, Arsenal might be the next huge team that will make history in the football scene. Furthermore, huge promise is already evident after Martinelli volleying the football to put Arsenal above 2-0 and Saka scoring an emphatic goal before it that calls for great chemistry between the two players. 

When a team has players that have great synergy with each other, you have yourself a great football club that will reign supreme during the entirety of the Premier League where fans everywhere in the world will take notice the moment it transpires. 

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Saka and Martinelli can help out against these top clubs

With Saka and Martinelli, they have key pieces that can help them win when they play against the Premier League’s top teams. It should go without saying that the top heavy football clubs who pose the largest threat against Arsenal are the top three teams in the table right now:

  •     Manchester United - For obvious reasons, Kevin De Bruyne is playing out of his mind right now scoring goals and helping his team be in the position to be at the top seed, and both the club’s offence and defence are the coup de grace of their success this season. 

  •     West Ham United - Just like Man Utd, West Ham’s great football club is evident in their seeding being at the top 4 clubs in the table. The duo of Mark Noble and Declan Rice will forever torment lower-tier teams facing them, and Arsenal is just behind them in the table. 

  •     Chelsea - Chelsea’s defence is among the best in the league right now, and when you can defend the goal post from lethal scorers the Premier League has ever seen, then you pose a threat to anyone who wants to be crowned the best. 

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Words: Vonn Consul

Image: PA