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Why AS Monaco thrives playing in their playstyle
Sep 24, 2021, 3:21:00 AM

Why AS Monaco thrives playing in their playstyle

AS Monaco has struggled in the first few weeks of the 2021-22 Ligue 1 season. In all of their matches, they have shown they thrive when they utilize their playstyle. Despite their shortcomings in Ligue 1, Monaco has shown their solid performance in the Europa League.

Monaco wants to stay in the title picture in the French top-flight. They have shown some glimpses of the great team from the pre-season but they still need to iron out some issues. When they play their signature brand of football, Niko Kovač’s squad is on par with the best teams in France and the rest of Europe to compete for trophies.

Working hard and playing with energy should be the priority for this team because it fits well with their squad. Even Kovač admits that the team is not playing in the optimal playstyle. He said, ‘Right now we can't play like last year, we're not as successful, we're expending more energy, but I like the way my players are working hard. It makes me positive because if you work hard you will be rewarded. It is simply a matter of time’.

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Monaco’s struggles with their tough schedule 

Monaco has been struggling with their schedule with both Ligue 1 and Europa League fixtures. They have played more games than other teams in the French top-flight and you can see the difference because Monaco’s squad is struggling with staying healthy and energized for their fixtures.

While it is good that they are playing in multiple events, they have to find the right balance for their squad. They have many strong players but they need to balance their minutes so they can remain fresh for every game on the calendar.

Kovač knows that this team is loaded with talent and he has reasons to hope for better results. He said, ‘I watch every match several times and from experience, I know that football is played out on small details. And right now, those little details have not gone in our favour. But in football as in life, everything can change very quickly. At the moment I am happy because my players are fighting hard’.

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Monaco wants the youngsters to thrive

In the 2021 summer transfer window, Monaco recruited some good youngsters. While they are talented, Kovač and the rest of the team know that they are still raw prospects. They need more time to acclimate to the system so they can head in the same upwards direction.

Kovač said, ‘AS Monaco are a well-known club, and expectations are high, but we have recruited young players. They have to learn, they need time. In football, we don’t always have time, but that’s the direction in which the club wants to go, it’s our project. These young talents need time. We’re happy with them, but we know they need time’.

It will be fun to see the process because all of these players will have some rough patches but the stars mostly thrive when they are challenged. They have some promising players who you should look out for. However, Monaco has a challenging future because they need to get immediate results and secure a solid future too.

Kovač believes the team is on the right track but they need to improve even more. Efficiency is a big part of how they can succeed and Kovač is the right coach to have in tough situations. He will help the team thrive by playing the playstyle they‘re comfortable with.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA