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Why Flamengo holds Éverton Ribeiro in high regard
Nov 29, 2021, 4:09:00 AM

Why Flamengo holds Éverton Ribeiro in high regard

Ever since he joined the team back in 2017, Éverton Ribeiro is a constant presence for Flamengo. He has become one of the most reliable players on the squad especially since he’s one of their biggest leaders. Let’s talk about why the club holds him in high regard.

Éverton has been a stellar player for multiple Brasileirão teams over the years. His most well-known team outside of Flamengo has to be his time with Cruzeiro where he was seen as one of the best players in Brazil.

He was named as the Brasileirão’s best player of the year twice in a row given that Cruzeiro won two titles in a row. He was linked to giant clubs like Manchester United, AC Milan, and Madrid in 2015 but he decided to move to Al-Ahli Dubai. He returned to Brazil to play for Flamengo in 2017 and he has been stellar ever since he came back.

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Flamengo sees Éverton as a building block

When you watch Flamengo, you can see that the system is built around Éverton. He is such an important piece in their system because he controls the offence as a solid playmaker. While Giorgian de Arrascaeta will always be seen as a flashy passer and goal-scorer from the midfield, the team relies on Éverton to keep everyone in check.

It’s not a surprise that Éverton is responsible for most of the team’s offence. He does not appear much on the highlights because of their flashy players but Éverton does all of the ‘little things’ that the coach asks of the team. Flamengo scores many goals and if you watch the games intently, you can see that Éverton always has a hand in the buildup for the goal.

Éverton is always on the team because he stays healthy. The club trusts him to perform for 90 minutes every match. It is difficult to leave that kind of player out of the lineup because they always stand out as the leader. Flamengo themselves have denied other clubs’ approaches because they know losing Éverton is a huge blow to their overall squad.

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Flamengo believes Éverton is irreplaceable

While the fans struggle to give Éverton his props, Flamengo sees him as one of the most irreplaceable players on the squad. That is huge praise coming from the club because he is seen on the same level as Gabriel Barbosa who is the team’s centrepiece striker.

The team struggles to function without Éverton. His role as a stable midfielder is one of the hardest roles to figure out because there are only a few players who can fill in for him. Thankfully, he is always healthy which means that he can play consistently without having to worry about being dropped.

Éverton is not a popular name among the fans because he is not the flashy star who fills up the stat sheet. He can score goals but he tends to help his teammates score rather than taking it himself.

Club director Marcos Braz talked about how they refused offers. He said, ‘There you keep Everton Ribeiro, who is 32 years old and received a firm offer of 8 million euros... We hold it because we believe’.

It will be fun to learn about the clubs that are still looking to sign him. However, Flamengo will likely keep him on the squad for years to come.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA