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Why France's Euro loss inspires Pogba
Jul 2, 2021, 3:50:00 AM

Why France's Euro loss inspires Pogba

Paul Pogba knows how tough it was for France to go out like that in a close game at the Euro tourney. The French squad fell to the Swiss team in a penalty shootout that could have seen them in the next round. Paul still sees this as a good lesson.

The Manchester United star was shocked by the loss. He could not tell what happened on that end when star Kylian Mbappe missed a huge kick that could have won it for them or sent them for another kick. It was just a tough sight for any fan or player.

France was one of the big picks for most fans to win in the Euro tourney, but now the rest of the teams in the so-called ‘group of death’ are out for the rest of the contest as well. Both Germany and Portugal have also lost their games in the last 16.

Pogba knew that it was a tough ending for them, but now they have to move on from that and come back stronger than ever. This is a chance they have waited for, but to fall short in the game is like a huge slap in their face.

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How France lost the game

Didier Deschamps’ boys were set to beat the Swiss in their last 16 tie when Pogba scored a huge goal to put France ahead by 3-1. However, the team went on to choke their lead and allowed the Swiss to tie the game at 3-3.

It all went down to the penalty shots. There were a total of 10 shots in that span, but it was the miss by Mbappe that closed out their chance of winning this one. France players had to console the Paris SG star as well.

The result left the contest wide open. A lot of players and fans have enjoyed this classic game, but it was a tough run for the French squad. 

This run has been tough for Pogba. Manchester United has not been able to seal any silverware to end the 2020-21 season, and he now ends up empty-handed in his run with France as well.

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Pogba’s verdict

Pogba said that it was time for him to look back on the loss and see the good in it. The star still came out with a positive note despite an early exit in the Euro tourney. France will surely come back stronger than ever, and Pogba would love to be a part of that sooner or later.

‘Sometimes football can be cruel and also beautiful’, Pogba said. ‘The game brought us sadness but happiness to our opponents. That's the beauty of football. Of course we all wish that we could have had a positive result. Thank you so much to all of our fans across the globe. It was beautiful to see you, to hear you, and to celebrate with you. You gave us hope and joy throughout all of our games’.

Pogba has made a lot of plays and made some good looks of his own. There is more to talk about France’s huge run when they topped Group F - the team that had the best of all teams in the competition.

France will have to move on from this loss as Pogba did. They will surely use this as a motivation to come back better when they get the chance soon.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA