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Why Hernanes' farewell means so much to São Paulo fans
Jul 23, 2021, 4:51:00 AM

Why Hernanes' farewell means so much to São Paulo fans

Veteran midfielder Hernanes just finished up his third stint with São Paulo recently. He ends his time with the club as a bonafide legend throughout his career. He grew up in the São Paulo system and he proudly represented the club for a cumulative decade.

Hernanes is known as one of Brazil’s most versatile players over the past two decades. He is hard-working and he can play any role given to him. He has juggled the roles throughout his career but he excels being a deep-lying playmaker.

Hernanes is not the quickest of players but he knows how to get to his spots and he turns bad situations into scoring chances for his team using his touch and vision. He is also one of the most energetic players from the country which is evident in how he plays games with a sense of urgency.

He was even hyped up as one of the best playmakers from the country with comparisons to legends Andrea Pirlo and Kaká. Despite this hype, he was still called an inconsistent player due to his lacklustre performances for his clubs.

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Hernanes’ love for São Paulo is boundless

Hernanes made sure to say a proper farewell to both the club and fans. He is now a free agent in the transfer market and he hopes that teams can scoop him up because he still feels he can contribute to a winning team. It will most likely be in Brazil but a veteran like him can stabilize a team that needs leadership.

He thanked his supporters and talked about how athletes’ lives are made up of cycles. Hernanes believes that another one will start after his exit. 

‘Each of you, people who are not among us, I am very grateful to you, to São Paulo’, Hernanes said. ‘You've transformed my life, my career. You opened the doors of the world to me. Thank you very much. Supporter, thank you very much. São Paulo, thank you very much. Here ends the cycle. You must terminate this to start another one. There were many prophecies, moments together. I believe my love for you is eternal’.

The 36-year-old will end up as one of the club’s legends and since he showed his love for the club, it will be interesting to see if he ends up retiring with the club in the future when he hangs up his boots.

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What’s next for Hernanes?

With Hernanes’ reputation, there will be teams that will call him to try and sign him to their team. In the meantime, he will have to deal with the fallout of his exit from São Paulo. He made sure to address the fans when his exit was announced because he knows people outside the club should also be given their due credit.

‘You guys gave me a lot of excitement. It was because I was able to thrill you’, Hernanes said. ‘That's what I used to work for. That's what I wanted to be the best for. You thrilled and reciprocated in the stands. You've made my life more joyful. That's why I'll be eternally grateful. I wanted to leave the thank you to São Paulo, which welcomed me since I was 16 years old’.

He loved his time with São Paulo FC but he will have to find a new stop on his journey. It will be exciting to look forward to what he has planned because he’s not ready to retire from the sport just yet.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA