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Why James and Silva are Chelsea's big hopes
Nov 29, 2021, 3:21:00 AM

Why James and Silva are Chelsea's big hopes

Reece James and Thiago Silva have every reason to be thrilled in their games for the 2021-22 season. So far, the stars have been efficient and have done a great job to lead the way when it comes to scoring goals for Chelsea.

Both James and Silva are running the show for Chelsea in the 2021-22 season as they do what they can to win games. They are the spark that the Blues can rely on when it comes to winning and that says a lot about their growth as core members of the club.

As it turns out, there is no need for Chelsea to turn their chances around anymore. They don’t have to spend more money to up their roster. They have a star duo in Silva and James which is a huge boost for the team’s hopes of winning the Prem.

As Chelsea’s goals extend to both the Prem and the UCL, the value of James and Silva continues to go higher. This shows how much effort the club put into their games as they kept their huge pace all the way through the final days of November.

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James proves the academy’s worth

There was no need for Chelsea to match the offer that Paris SG gave to Achraf Hakimi when they had James in the first place. The star’s display against many clubs is on point this season, and it was a huge reminder that they needed to trust the academy’s products.

Coach Thomas Tuchel said that the mix of his squad made up of players from abroad and academy stars is what made Chelsea a formidable club in the long run.

Unlike the past coaches for Chelsea, Tuchel knew that the academy was one of the best places for young stars to thrive in. This is why he promised to put more emphasis on Chelsea’s games and see if he can fit in some youngsters to give them a chance to grow.

It was not long ago when James had a lot of doubts in his plays. At the age of 21, the star proved that he can shine in the biggest stages for the Blues, and now he raised the bar for the team as they try to close out the 2021-22 run with a bang.

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Silva is a menace

Thiago is a beast for Chelsea this season. He is the reason why there are barely any weaknesses in Tuchel’s squad. The star is still cool at the heart of the back three and he did well to earn his new deal with the club which will come in by the end of the season.

Like everyone else in Stamford Bridge, Silva is hungry to earn the big wins he needs this season. That is a huge feat from any team in the league that wants to show their worth as one of the top clubs for the 2021-22 season.

Chelsea is starting to come together as one. They have only conceded 24 goals in Tuchel’s first 50 games and the hunger to keep a clean sheet makes them even more dangerous as a squad that won the UCL and is gunning for the Prem.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores 

Image: PA