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Why keepers are good picks for Arsenal
Jul 22, 2021, 3:30:00 AM

Why keepers are good picks for Arsenal

Arsenal hopes to ink a deal with Sam Johnstone and Aaron Ramsdale. The club is said to be aiming for a talented backup keeper that could give them a chance to compete against top teams in the Prem next season.

Coach Mikel Arteta has been very busy making one deal after another and is keen to add either of the two keepers to get a boost on the defensive end. Many fans believe that the North London squad has been very weak in terms of their defence and they can possibly keep on pushing for more wins if they had that fixed.

This just means that Arsenal should weigh their options and get their deals up and running to one star. Who knows, maybe one of these keepers is the key to their woes. Arsenal looks to make a huge run at the top of the league.

Johnstone is a good pick for the team and this should be an easy win for Arsenal. If the team opts to pick one of these keepers, then there is a chance that the team may flourish.

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Signing Ramsdale

Arsenal is reportedly eyeing a deal with Ramsdale who is a keeper from Sheffield United. He is an alternative should they fail a deal with Sam Johnstone. Ramsdale has also caught Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp’s attention, which makes them Arsenal’s rival in getting his signature. 

Arsenal’s bids for Ramsdale had been rejected by Sheffield, and they asked for a £32 million offer before letting him go and move to the Emirates. 

The keeper could start the season in the club’s starting XI should he ever get to stay with the team. Arteta thinks that the team will make the most of him should he ever sign with Arsenal. He could get the minutes he wants but this means that the North London squad should pay a big fee for him.

Aside from Ramsdale, Arsenal is also eyeing a keeper from Barca who has lacked playing time in the team and is on the verge of leaving for greener pastures.

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Inking a deal with Sam

Sam has also been linked to a move with Arsenal. The West Brom keeper has spent some great time with the club in their Prem run in 2020. The Baggies were sent back down to the second division but the keeper showed his worth as one of their best players in the game.

The keeper made a lot of key saves and has earned the respect of many fans with his big games. He is set to join an EPL club instead of staying with West Brom. Arsenal would make good use of a keeper like him who has a lot of grit in the game.

Arsenal has always been in need of a big keeper when they kept Bernd Leno. This call by Arteta was one of the worst ones he made so far and this is why the team needs to bring one big star in for the spot. 

If Arsenal wants to be a top club once more, then they will need a keeper who can play at a high level. This means that Sam should be brought in for the roster. Arteta needs to make the right call on this one.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA