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Why Nagelsmann has a lot of praise for Lewy
Sep 24, 2021, 3:34:00 AM

Why Nagelsmann has a lot of praise for Lewy

Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann is happy to have Robert Lewandowski as his main star in the game. The coach says Lewy is still the best in the world which is a huge claim even with the ageing star showing no signs of slowing down in his games.

Lewy has pushed his scoring run to 19 games in a row and is still going for more at this point. The star’s double in the win against Barca in the Champions League group stage was a show of force that no fan will ever forget. Julian knows that the star is just heating up for the 2021-22 season.

At the age of 33, Lewy is still a deadly threat from anywhere on the pitch. The star has scored in his 15th game in a row in the Bundesliga and has set the record for hitting the goal in his 13th straight home game. He is the only active player to tally a goal against all of the 18 top-flight clubs.

All of that has left Julian with the praises and the conclusion that Lewy is always eager to score in the game. As long as the team keeps on winning, there’s going to be a Lewy goal on that end.

‘He wants to score in every game. He's so hungry to score goals and he’s so hungry to assist goals for his teammates as well’, the Bayern coach said. ‘In the end he's still the best forward in the world and he'll score a lot of goals for us this season as well’.

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While Lewy just has 56 minutes per game in the 2021-22 season, the star continues to show that he can still be a fiery scorer whose appetite for goals is leading his club to its 10th straight title. They will have no problem as the Bavarians play for the title again.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons Lewy is chasing more feats as well. Winning Bayern’s 10th title in a row is a huge story, but adding more of his other achievements should bring him to the top of the news as well.

Bayern’s success story has been linked tightly with Lewy’s scoring. He has made more goals for the team than any player who has played a full career with Bayern.

Without that scoring prowess, Bayern’s chances of winning would probably be cut in half. Everyone knows how much of the star’s game translates to the wins of the club, and this is a huge story they will never forget in the long run.

When the season ends, Bayern will thank Lewy for his efforts, and Julian already sees that coming as he praises the star for his big impact in the game.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA