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Why Solskjaer is pleased with the Derby win
Jul 21, 2021, 3:47:00 AM

Why Solskjaer is pleased with the Derby win

Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer saw the best of his boys when Manchester United took home a 2-1 win in their game against Derby County. The team had a lot of good talents on board and the coach was glad to see them perform well ahead of the real big battle ahead.

The United boss saw how the players brought in the grit he was looking for when they had a short run in the 2020-21 season. Derby County was a huge win and it did look like they could keep on pushing for more wins like this.

United never had this similar groove. The last time they had this big run was in the season when they led at the top of the Prem before Manchester City came alive and stole the lead from them for the rest of the competition.

Now that the same energy is back, coach Ole is pleased to see his boys back in action and wants to see them give it all they have to keep the same energy all the way to the next summer.

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Big wins for United

Tahith Chong is one of the best scorers in their small roster that lacked most of the players in the first team. Chong made a goal in the first half after he won the ball up high in the pitch. Ole then made nine changes at the half and he was keen to see how each would work with one another.

A number of players stepped up well, including their new signing Tom Heaton. The coach was hoping to see more of them as they took their time to get a feel of the pitch before making big attacks later on.

‘I think you can see that they (Derby) may be a week ahead of us in their pre-season’, the boss said. ‘It was the first game for us, and it takes a little bit of time to get into that match mode. But we've won the game and it's good for these kids to feel that they've won the game’.

At the half, the boss wanted to see more of his side enjoying the game more. The heat and the fatigue from the game did not wear them out. Facundo Pellistri later had a goal of his own and helped the club take a big win.

The boss now aims to build this pace in the preseason and keep their flow up and running too.

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Managing United

As coach Ole said, there will be more minutes for those players who have more experience. He even said that there will be less and less for the kids like the way it goes. He wants to get to a decent start and make sure they don’t waste their energy that much.

‘I think the Premier League is more competitive than it used to be. We had (when he was a player) maybe one competitor every season so, of course, the first six or seven games, it's very important to stay there’, the coach said. ‘You don't win the league in the first six or seven games, but you can lose the chance of winning the league’.

United now keeps their heads in the game and this means a lot for both the club and the coach as well. They can keep running and make sure the fire does not burn out within them.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA