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Why Vini is a fit for Madrid’s offence
Jul 23, 2021, 3:02:00 AM

Why Vini is a fit for Madrid’s offence

Vinicius Junior is one of the key pieces for Madrid’s offensive line along with Karim Benzema. The Brazil star will get more opportunities to shine under new coach Carlo Ancelotti, and the coach believes that the young striker can get more minutes this season as well.

Vini had some tough games under Zizou in the past few years. He has enjoyed some big nights but has found it hard to thrive in a changing line with Madrid. The young star has worked well with Benzema as the team’s attacking pair but took a step back to let the French star do his usual game.

With Vini not being offered to Manchester United, the team has ensured that the Brazil star will get his turn to show his talent and prove that he can still learn under Benzema’s wing. As one of the crowd favourites in the team, Vini has a lot to work on.

There are still a lot of years ahead for Vini to be a better player for the team. The young striker has excelled with Madrid in the past few years and it looks like they can expect more from him as well.

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Vini’s stance with Madrid

Vini is set to play a huge role in Madrid’s plans for the 2021-22 season. There were reports that said a move to Old Trafford was laid out for Vini. No talks ever took place and the club even expects United to take Raphael Varane instead.

Varane is close to making a move to the team after spending 10 years with the Spanish giants. This comes after captain Sergio Ramos has opted to move on from the team and signed with Paris SG.

Ancelotti trusts that the Brazil striker can find his groove in the 2021-22 season. He wants to help Vini get better after a muted run where he only had six goals and seven assists. This is far from his usual numbers.

The Madrid man would need to get more action on the scoring end and provide a spark along with Benzema. The two have worked well in the past few years and this means that they can give him the ball more than he got in 2020 alone.

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Vini’s late bloom

Vini can get the best of his games if he ever wants to push for more minutes with the team. Ancelotti knows how he plays and this should make it easy for him to adjust to his performance. After all, Vini is a key star who makes the big plays when he has the moment.

He played well in the winning run back in 2019-20, it just so happens that the star did not have a good run last season. Vini would surely want to bounce back and make sure that this does not happen again with Madrid.

The team may have a chance to win the La Liga title once more with Vini on the lead. This should give them a shot at pushing for more titles in the long run if Vini improves his game. Who knows, maybe Benzema will be able to help him out.

All of the pressure falls down to Vini to bring out the best in him. Madrid might come in for a trade deal and send him off for a better striker if he fails to impress the team.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA