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World Cup Fantasy League - MD 3
Nov 28, 2022, 10:00:00 AM

World Cup Fantasy League - MD 3

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Match Day 3 Tactics

Match day 3 is all about who needs the points most and has a winnable fixture so our best bet is to target those teams. First on that list must be Argentina who needs a win against Poland to secure their place in the knockout stages. Messi is of course a must have and best captain option since everything in Argentina goes through him or ends with him. He already scored 2 goals and assisted 1 so that makes it 100% attack contribution for Argentina in this World Cup. Other spots are for grabs and you can pick your favorites. I can see the value in Argentina defense since Poland did not look dangerous upfront so far, with my preferred options being Martinez and Acuna. If you prefer Argentinian attack, Di Maria should be a safe choice, while Martinez or Alvarez might be a more explosive one.

My next team to target is Denmark, and their best value for money player is Maehle for sure at just 4.5 million. He plays in a tight Denmark defense and finds himself in very attacking positions. Eriksen is also a safe choice since he is their talisman and will play for sure, while a good, budget friendly option might be Skov Olsen who often plays as second striker but carries a rotation risk.

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England defense should be a safe pick against a toothless Wales side, my preferred options are their full backs Trippier and Shaw which have a very good chance of additional attacking contributions added to the clean sheet points we are all counting on. Kane is always an option in the attack since he plays every game for England, and other than that you can consider England wingers but we could see some rotation on those positions. Maybe it is best to opt for most expensive option and then change when line ups become available.

Mexico has to attack and chase the goal difference against Saudi Arabia, which makes their attacking players great value and defense something to avoid. My favorite picks are Mexican wingers Vega and Lozano, they both offer plenty of pace and attacking threat.

Netherlands also needs a win to secure the 1st place in the group. Considering they are playing a weak Qatar side, my favorite picks are their assets that play out of the position like Dumfries and Bergwijn. Also consider Gakpo who is their inform player and they cannot risk starting without him. Be careful, there might be some rotations in the Netherland side, but these options should be safe.

France has already secured their place in the knockout stages so picking their players carries a significant rotations risk, but I can also see Mbappe chasing individual rewards and playing in their game against Tunisia. My advice is to include Mbappe in the team and if he's not in the first 11, just replace him with another striker playing later on.

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Group F is a mess and I will probably have max one player from these 4 teams and that will be Perišić. Belgium and Croatia play each other and I could be biased but Croatia showed much more so far and I believe they will score against Belgium. Perišić is only attacking Croatia player I am sure will get a start and therefore my choice. This game should have goals in it so I am avoiding defenses. Morocco also looks better then Canada but I don’t see a clear choice among their players.

Germany equalized late in a game against Spain and left themselves a chance to qualify to the next stage. That makes them a prime target for their game against Costa Rica. Virtually all their players are great picks for this one and my favorites are probably Gnabry and Musiala. Other interesting choices are Sane and Fulkrug but I don’t see them starting in first 11 so be careful.

Finishing thoughts:

I am writing this at the moment when teams from groups G & H still did not play their MD2 games so I did not include them in this column but I believe you get the idea behind my choices, just apply it to those teams after the situation in those groups becomes apparent. You can also allow yourself some fun when choosing picks since we will have unlimited transfers after MD3.

There will be another column and our customary chat towards the end of the week so keep an eye out for it.

Words: Trofo

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