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World Cup 2022 Groups Preview: November 29
Nov 28, 2022, 6:17:00 AM

World Cup 2022 Groups Preview: November 29

Only a few days before the 2022 World Cup group stage wraps up, teams are going for the final push in their games. Get ready to watch and bet on these November 29 games that feature World Cup giants like the Netherlands and England, plus a few underdog teams.

Fans are eager to see more thrilling action as Ecuador takes on Senegal, hoping to seal their place in the Round of 16. The Netherlands are also on the verge of clinching the best spot to gain entry to the knockout stage in their coming game against Qatar. 

Iran also hopes to score a crucial win against the United States to keep their hopes alive for the second spot. On the other hand, England will have to face Wales in an epic showdown with the chance to cap off a solid run in the group stages and carry a winning pace into the knockout stages. Place your wagers on these upcoming games in the 2022 World Cup this November 29:

Blazing clash: Ecuador vs Senegal

Game: Ecuador vs Senegal

Time: 6 PM (GMT)

Venue: Khalifa International Stadium

Ecuador and Senegal open up the schedule with a high-profile matchup as both teams aim to stave off elimination and earn the second spot in Group A. With both teams hurrying to make the most of their chances, fans can expect a tight showdown. 

Head-to-head stats

The Tricolor won the first and last time they played against the Lions of Teranga—a 1-0 win in an international friendly in May 2002. Experts claim that this will ignite a possible rivalry between the two nations in the long run.

Ecuador showed off in their World Cup opener and put up a fight against the Netherlands. Fans were shocked by how the squad lives up to the promise of a storied run in the competition. Their 4-4-2 line has been effective in the offensive end, which has been the reason for their great start.

On the other hand, Senegal is trying to change up its lineup in the absence of Sadio Mane. The Lions still played their 4-2-3-1 line effectively but could not find a way to sink their goals, and Ecuador’s untested defence looks to be an easy job for their attack to feast on many shot attempts.

Players to watch

  • Enner Valencia - The captain is expected to continue his impressive strides in the World Cup after showing off in the opener and taking his game to the next level. The star forward must carry the load and help Ecuador find the best goals and open looks.

  • Hernán Galindez - Despite not having to save a goal against Qatar, Galindez is expected to see more action for Ecuador against a highly offensive team that is good at getting into the box with a lot of lobs and close shots.

  • Kalidou Koulibaly - The Chelsea centre-back is also needed to come up with impressive defensive stops that will be the key to stopping Ecuador’s fast-paced attacks and short passes, making him a key asset in the game.

  • Ismaila Sarr - With Sadio Mane out, Sarr remains the main offensive player for Senegal. He needs to find his bearings, score those open looks, and even rack up the contested goals he usually makes in his games.

Who has a better chance of winning?

Senegal is set as the favourite to win the game against Ecuador, but the odds are not completely on their side. There is a high chance that the game may go down to the wire and end in a draw if both teams clash to the fullest. 

Make wagers on Ecuador’s clash against Senegal

Big-time showdown: The Netherlands vs Qatar

Game: The Netherlands vs Qatar

Time: 6 PM (GMT)

Venue: Al Bayt Stadium 

The Netherlands is riding a good pace to this game against Qatar. Fans expect a heavyweight showdown between these two teams as the host nation looks to save their run and push towards the knockout stages of the FIFA World Cup. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming showdown:

Head-to-head stats

This will be the first time that The Netherlands will go up against Qatar in any international competition. Given how they played in the past few games, fans are looking for some desperation from Qatar, which may push them to play like this is their last chance in the World Cup as the host nation.

The Flying Dutchmen have been effective in fielding the 3-4-1-2 line with a focus on the attack. Their defensive line is solid and has built a strong wall of defenders protecting the box at all costs. If their balanced line can handle Qatar’s aggressive strides on the pitch, it would be easy for them to come up with a win in this showdown.

The Maroon, on the other hand, will have to make adjustments on their offensive line. They need their wingers to work well with some support from the rest of the attacking unit. The 5-3-2 line failed to work wonders for Qatar’s attack, but it allowed them to be flexible on the attack simultaneously, which means a few tweaks can make them lethal against the Dutch.

Players to watch

  • Steven Bergwijn - Netherlands’ lead attacker, Steven Bergwijn, needs to come online in this game and find his bearings on the attack. He will be a serious threat to Qatar’s defensive four as he is more likely to come up with many speedy attacks that will lead to many open looks.

  • Virgil van Dijk - Liverpool defensive maestro Virgil van Dijk headlines the Dutch defensive wall and will significantly stop Qatar’s attacks on its tracks. His tackling skills will be a much-needed defensive asset for the squad to get the best possessions.

  • Akram Afif - Afif has been one of the phenomenal scorers for Qatar, and his scoring prowess must come alive if they plan to rival the Dutch’s offensive unit and have an edge in this game.

  • Hassan Al-Haydos - Qatar’s captain, Hassan Al-Haydos, is expected to step up his game for the host nation following a tough start and will likely be moved to the helm of the attack unit alongside Afif for better coverage on the offensive strides.

Who has a better chance of winning?

The Netherlands are the favourites to win by a huge margin. Qatar’s chances to steal a win in this game are just a glimpse of hope. The host nation will have to pull off a miracle performance if they plan to score an upset win against the top team in Group A.

Place your wagers on the Netherlands’ upcoming showdown against Qatar

Chasing points: Iran vs USA

Game: Iran vs USA

Time: 10 PM (GMT)

Venue: Al Thumama Stadium

The United States is gunning for extra chances in the group stages as they hope to climb and get the final qualifying spot for the knockout stages. On the other hand, Iran is grasping for a miracle that will give them a chance to make it to the next round. 

Head-to-head stats

The United States has never won in their two games against Iran. Fans expect them to show up better against Team Melli from their 1-2 loss in the 1998 World Cup. Both teams play again in 2000 in an international friendly game with a 1-1 draw finish. The Stars and Stripes are keen to take on their first win in this upcoming match.

Iran may have lost in their first game against England, but they managed to show a lot of grit against Wales. Team Melli is expected to keep the 5-4-1 line against the Yanks, as it will be effective in blocking off the passing lanes while also keeping a strong presence on the attack, with the front five charging all the way.

The United States are lethal with the 4-3-3 line considering that they have an effective front three attack unit. The Stars and Stripes are in for a great game if they use the line to break through Iran’s high defence and have three attackers cut through the lanes for an easy goal. 

Players to watch

  • Christian Pulisic - He is expected to get his head in the game and find ways to generate open looks for his teammates or score the ball on his own. The Chelsea winger has been at his best in scoring and drawing defenders in a snap.

  • Timothy Weah - Pulisic needs his wingmen to execute a strong attack, and Timothy Weah has stepped up well for the team, especially in scoring the lone goal that the United States had in their game against Wales.

  • Mehdi Taremi - Iran’s ace Mehdi Taremi will have to play hero ball as he did in their 6-2 loss to England against a highly-offensive USA squad. The star striker has to find creative looks if he is going to win it for Team Melli.

  • Alireza Beiranvand - Learning from his experience on the big stage is enough for Alireza Beiranvand to step up and find his way to block as many shots as he can to help Iran stop the United States dead in its tracks on the attack.

Who has a better chance of winning?

The United States has the spotlight in this game against Iran. Team USA is set to stay on the prowl, especially after that unexpected draw against Wales, where they nearly had a win. Iran will need to step up on the attack if they plan to beat the USA on the punch.

Bet on the United States’ group stage battle against Iran

English rivalry: Wales vs England

Game: Wales vs England

Time: 10 PM (GMT)

Venue: Ahmad bin Ali Stadium

Wales and England go a long way in football, but the Three Lions are more prominent internationally. Fans are expected to see this action unfold as it highlights the biggest battle of the day. 

Head-to-head stats

England holds the upper hand against Wales at the international level, winning 68 of their games while losing only 14 with 21 matches ending in a draw. The last time Wales had a win was in 1984, and England has managed to win the last six in a row. 

Wales fields a well-balanced formation with the 3-5-2 line, allowing them to stretch the middle and still have some coverage on the defensive end when needed. Having two fast wingers at the front also made them better on the attack and mostly led to flashy goals with the support five backing them up.

England was superb in their first few games of the group stage. That 6-2 decimation of Iran was a huge display of dominance – not even needing their ace players to score the ball. That just shows how effective the 4-2-3-1 line is when it comes to attacking deep lines and still finding ways to poke a hole in the defence for unique attack opportunities.

Players to watch

  • Bukayo Saka - After scoring a brace in England’s opener, Bukayo Saka has been on a tear for the Three Lions. This makes him the best option to score bigger goals against Wales’ light defence, making him a lethal player on the pitch.

  • Harry Kane - England won without much hassle in their first two games without barely needing Harry Kane’s help. It seems that the star is set to take matters into his own hands as they need to close this rivalry game for good and gain entry to the knockout stage.

  • Gareth Bale - Gareth Bale’s hero ball will have to be on the prowl once more for Wales. The Dragons need more of his scoring antics if they are going to win big games instead of drawing key matches as they did against the United States.

  • Daniel James - Bale cannot find his way through the attack alone. He will need the help of Daniel James to punch a bigger hole for the Dragons to make the most of their attack and succeed in racking up big goals or even open looks for his teammates.

Who has a better chance of winning?

England is the heavy favourite to pull off the finishing blow in the group stages. Wales’ chances of winning will depend on how well they can shut down the Three Lions’ offensive push and convert it into an attack of their own for a shot at landing a goal.

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