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World Cup 2022 Groups Preview: November 30
Nov 29, 2022, 6:17:00 AM

World Cup 2022 Groups Preview: November 30

The World Cup 2022 group stage has been jam-packed with phenomenal matches, including the massive upset wins from Saudi Arabia and Japan against top-tier favourites Argentina and Germany. Those high-quality matches continue into the November 30 schedule. 

Catch the big matches on the November 30 fixture list with massive teams like France, Argentina, and Mexico. This will be an exciting series of games at the 2022 FIFA World Cup, especially since there are high stakes with the group stage set to end. Get to know the upcoming fixtures and place your wagers here at

David vs Goliath: Tunisia vs France

Game: Tunisia vs France

Time: 3 PM (GMT)

Location: Education City Stadium

In this Group D clash, underdogs Tunisia will face the defending champions and tournament favourite France. Both teams have performed as expected, with France showing dominance over the rest of the group, particularly with the 4-1 win over Australia. 

On the other hand, Tunisia has fought hard against their opponents. They always give 100% effort in their matches, as you can see with their energy in their November 22 match against Denmark, where they eked out a goalless draw. 

Head-to-head stats

In the five games they have played, France has two wins, two draws, and one loss against Tunisia. This might be surprising because France is considered a powerhouse soccer team. France is expected to continue their 4-2-3-1 formation, with the striker being the featured star. They will look to feed the passes into their forward to power their offence. 

On the other hand, Tunisia will deploy a 4-3-3 formation as they want to run and catch their opponents off guard. They can maximise their offence using their passing and pace. They also want to be steady with their defence by staying ready with their foot speed.

Players to watch

Both Tunisia and France have some formidable players on their rosters. They are mostly experienced in top-tier leagues, which makes their skill sets more refined. Here are the biggest stars from Tunisia: 

  • Wahbi Khazri - As the primary attacking threat, Khazri has displayed amazing performances. He is already the country's second all-time leading goal-scorer as he wants to keep scoring and showing his speed which will be a big issue for France. 

  • Aïssa Laïdouni - Since he is a midfielder who loves to play defence, Aïssa will be crucial to their counter-attack. He has played almost every minute for Tunisia, translating into better performances on both sides of the pitch.

On the other side, France has loads of talented players that will be vital to their team's success. 

  • Kylian Mbappé - As the biggest star for France's squad, Mbappé will be crucial to their goal-scoring. His lightning speed is his best asset against this Tunisia squad which can tire the players from the opposing side. They will try to catch up to him, but Mbappé is skilled enough to keep battling. 

  • Adrien Rabiot - A tall yet elegant midfielder, Rabiot has solid technique with his ball handling and impressive strength in enduring clutch games. Playmaking will be needed in the midfield, and Rabiot deserves the spotlight with how he conducts the offence for France.

Who has a better chance of winning?

France is the favourite for this match, especially since they have the more talent-laden squad. Mbappé is the main reason behind their star power but does not forget that players like Rabiot will boost this team's value by making under-the-radar moves.

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Physicality: Australia vs Denmark 

Game: Australia vs Denmark

Time: 3 PM (GMT)

Location: Al Janoub Stadium

Both Australia and Denmark love to play a physical soccer brand, making this match an exciting matchup. This will be a fun game because of the passionate fans in the stadium and how they will compete for a spot in the knockout stage alongside France.

Head-to-head stats

In four matches against Denmark, Australia has won a game while losing two and drawing another. This upcoming November 30 match is a rematch from the 2018 World Cup, where they played out a 1-1 draw in the group stage. 

Denmark will roll out a 4-2-3-1 formation as they would love to use their midfield as their primary playmakers. Their striker will be alone in the forward line as they look to cement their offence gradually through precise passing. 

On the other hand, Australia will use a similar 4-2-3-1 formation as they want to focus on having a sturdy defence in front of their Danish squad that will look to overpower them using their strength and skills.

Players to watch

Both of these squads have some important players in their team that can help them win this matchup. Here are the stars for Australia: 

  • Aaron Mooy - Mooy is a midfielder who works hard and wants to maximise his teammates' abilities. He will be a crucial piece for Australia as a playmaker and a stable presence for the team. 

  • Ajdin Hrustic - Hrustic will have to empty his bag of tricks on this Danish defence. If he can keep making plays for his team, it bodes well for Australia's chances of winning this match.

These are the big names for Denmark's national team: 

  • Christian Eriksen - Eriksen will continue to be the heartbeat of Denmark's offence. He will also serve as a vocal leader for this team since they need to take charge and ensure they can win the match, given they're the favourite.

  • Pierre-Emile Højbjerg - Højbjerg is the perfect representative of Danish soccer. He is a physical midfielder that works hard for his teammates. Højbjerg regularly makes tackles and then gets up to contribute to the offence, which is valuable and an asset to their team that focuses on attacks. 

Who has a better chance of winning?

Denmark is the clear favourite between these two teams with the difference in talent. They have some accomplished players from all over the world but they are mostly stars in the top leagues. Denmark also has the experience to back up their favourite status over the underdog Australia which has a strong yet flawed squad in comparison.

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Stylistic matchup: Poland vs Argentina

Game: Poland vs Argentina

Time: 7 PM (GMT)

Location: Stadium 974

After a rough first match for Argentina, they want to bounce back and re-assert their status as favourites to win the World Cup. Poland is their next opponent, and they want to stay in the group. This will be an exciting match, especially since both teams have contrasting styles with their focus on well-rounded and explosive performances.

Head-to-head stats

In the 11 matches they have played against each other, Argentina has the advantage with six wins over Poland's three. On the other hand, they have two draws against each other. 

For their tactics, Poland will use their favoured 3-5-2 formation. They want to keep showing their power in the midfield by dominating with physicality and finesse. Their strikers will benefit from the midfield's passing as they just need to keep running to beat the Argentine defence.

On the other hand, Argentina will use a 4-3-3, the standard formation for a squad as loaded as this. They want to use their solid frontline to keep winning their matches, as their offence can overwhelm any defence, especially with their star power.

Players to watch

Poland and Argentina have shown their talented squads over the past few years. Both teams have a good mix of star power and solid supporting pieces. For Poland, these are their biggest names:

  • Robert Lewandowski - Lewy has the spotlight on him as he wants to end his international career on a high note. If Lewy can continue to move well off the ball, he can get it in empty spaces and shoot for the goal. 

  • Piotr Zieliński - Zieliński will have to make creative passes to his strikers because they need to break through against this tough Argentine defence. Precise passing and highlight dribbles will be vital for their chances of winning. 

Here are the stars to watch from Argentina: 

  • Lionel Messi - Messi will keep being the focal point of this Argentina squad. He is the heartbeat of their offence with his passing, and he will score goals for them when needed. 

  • Lautaro Martínez - When the attention is on Messi, Lautaro can take advantage as he will move well off the ball and score goals when he receives the passes. He is one of the fastest players on the pitch, and he will look to use that for goals. 

Who has a better chance of winning? 

Argentina is the clear favourite to win this match because of Messi and his teammates. The Paris-Saint Germain superstar is ready to win his World Cup, and this will be his last chance to do so. This Argentina squad might have lost to Saudi Arabia, but that was a disaster, especially with many goals waved off due to offside calls. 

Some people think Poland can win this, but a motivated Argentina squad will most likely be wary as they look to win the entire event. 

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Promising countries: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

Game: Saudi Arabia vs Mexico

Time: 7 PM (GMT)

Location: Lusail Iconic Stadium

Two teams from Group C that aim to surprise everyone, Saudi Arabia and Mexico, are set for the last group stage match. The former has already pulled off the biggest win of the group stage so far but Mexico wants to establish itself as a top team again. This showdown will be filled with exciting moments, especially since both teams are the darlings of the audience.

Head-to-head stats

In the five matches they have played against each other, Mexico has won four, and they have drawn once. They have not played in a long while but this tournament already has some big surprises that can turn this matchup around.

Tactics-wise, Saudi Arabia will use a 4-2-3-1 formation which has paid off well for them. Their offence has been stellar with this, as they can keep running around and passing the ball to each other as they progress forward. Their defence is still solid with four defenders, as they can cover all bases. 

Mexico will use a 4-3-3 formation focusing on moving the ball forward. In their first two matches, they succeeded in defending while also having a way to keep counter-attacking with pace. If they can use that to their advantage, they will thrive in this match with goals and stops. 

Players to watch 

This World Cup has proven that more people should be aware of players from both countries. Starting with Saudi Arabia and its spectacular talents below: 

  • Salem Al-Dawsari - As a forward who loves to play with pace, he has become one of their best goal-scorer. He can shine on the field once he has the ball with him and become a huge contributor to the team if they're aiming to win this battle. 

  • Yasser Al-Shahrani - He is a left-back that will keep defending with energy for the entire 90 minutes. He will also be a hard-working player in the counter-attack as he can overlap in the left wing with his passing and pace. 

Here are the biggest stars from the Mexican squad:

  • Hirving Lozano - Dynamic play is always needed in the World Cup, and Lozano brings an amazing skill set to Mexico. He can make shifty movements that confuse defenders and still score loads of goals.

  • Edson Álvarez - Álvarez will have to win the ball on defence and he can start to produce on the attack too. He loves playing a physical style which fits well with how Mexico starts their offence.

Who has a better chance of winning?

Mexico is the favourite to win this match as they want to keep proving themselves on the world stage. They have the more highly-powered offence, but this event has proven that Saudi Arabia should be respected more. They managed to beat Argentina and end their unbeaten streak across international games. Now, they want to keep their bid alive for the knockout stage. 

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