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Does StarCraft define Blizzard's success over the years?
Jul 2, 2021, 3:14:00 AM

Does StarCraft define Blizzard's success over the years?

Blizzard is one of the biggest game developers in the video game industry. Despite their numerous landmark games, StarCraft remains one of their best. Let’s dive into why people still define Blizzard as a company that StarCraft lifted to prominence.

StarCraft is not the only series in Blizzard’s catalogue. If you’re a gamer, you are probably familiar with both Warcraft and Diablo, these two series are important to PC gaming and its growth over the past three decades. Warcraft gave birth to World of Warcraft which is known as the quintessential MMORPG while Diablo pushed the boundaries of the platform.

While those games are excellent and sold well, StarCraft was the groundbreaking game that turned PC gaming around. It is not as popular today but the game’s impact can still be felt. Hopefully, people will give the respect it deserves because SC is one of gaming’s best titles and it gave birth to mainstream esports as well.

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Is StarCraft disrespected?

In the 2000s, you couldn’t find a game like SC. It broke through the mainstream around the world as the premier strategy game. It challenged people’s mindset about video games and the strategy they can employ. It also challenged the players’ mechanics because StarCraft is a tough game to play. 

SC has received some disrespect over the past few years because of other fast-paced games’ popularity. It has also taken flak because the game does not match the popular norms in the video game industry. It is slower compared to today’s famous first-person shooters.

SC is not the typical game you just plug and play because you need to learn before you can play it properly. It has a high skill ceiling but if you’re properly aware of what can happen in the game, you have a good mindset that matches up well with the game’s nature. 

Blizzard needs to push SC more to their modern audience because people think it’s an old player’s game and not a timeless game still being played to this day. Both Brood War and SCII are games that have lasted the test of time but they’re not given a fair shake by some gamers.

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StarCraft needs to be on the same level as other Blizzard games

Warcraft continues to have a presence in the gaming scene because of constant updates to WOW. The game is almost two decades old but it continues to be a big part of gaming because Blizzard is focused on helping their player base to keep up with new content. 

On the other hand, Diablo is a similar case because they always push for new content with Diablo III. It is always on the newest platforms and there is even a mobile game in the works which is set to be one of the most advanced mobile titles ever.

StarCraft has not been updated for a long time and Blizzard themselves made sure to say that they don't have anything planned for the franchise anytime soon. If they want to keep the game behind the curtains, that’s fine but the loyal fan base will be hurt by their decision to step away from SC which is the game that put them on the map. 

Hopefully, everyone can get what they want with Blizzard’s games because they are high-quality and it’s a shame that SC is the one being wasted.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA