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Dragon Phoenix Gaming signs herO as their new Protoss player
Jun 30, 2021, 4:03:00 AM

Dragon Phoenix Gaming signs herO as their new Protoss player

Dragon Phoenix Gaming announced the signing of their second Protoss player Kim ‘herO’ Joon Ho. He will also serve as the possible replacement for Joo ‘Zest’ Sung Wook who is set to undergo his mandatory military service.

This will be a big change for DPG which is more familiar with how Zest plays as their resident Protoss star. However, that impending change was one of the main reasons why herO was signed to a deal. It should be noted that herO is a great player in his own right which is also a big reason why DPG signed him. 

He also just came back to the scene after a long while away. He had to leave the scene for a while due to his army commitments but he’s back now and he quickly found a home with DPG. Zest will most likely leave soon but it’s also good to see the team sign another good player who can fill in the void and even possibly succeed him.

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This is a welcome surprise among SC fans because herO is seen as one of the classic stars of the scene. Hopefully, he can perform at the level people are used to since he lives up to his name among SC’s esports scene. 

The game has changed over the years since he was in the scene but you can expect him to quickly adapt because he was a star player. He can grow into a star again in a quick fashion as long as he retained the skills and even improved on them too. 

Some players have struggled out of the gate after a long break from the scene which can happen here. However, as long as herO is committed to shaking off the rust, you can expect good results to come from the new DPG star. 

It will be a shame to lose Zest for about 18 months but at least, herO is back to solve the Protoss players for DPG and other Korean stars. This will be a fun signing considering herO is well known for his flashy plays and he remains productive and efficient when it comes to matches.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA