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Jun 1, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Firefly Talks About His Experience With DPG

The Chinese esports scene has been the closest thing we have to the Pro League. These tournaments have also been where players can develop properly.

Dragon Phoenix Gaming’s Xue ‘Firefly’ Tao is one of the players that has been proving that the player development initiative is working. He has become one of the top Protoss players in China. He showcased this in the 2019 China Team Championship playoffs, where he performed admirably against Jin Air’s Cho ‘Maru’ Seong Ju who was a four-time GSL champion.

This year, Firefly has become one of the vital cogs of the DPG roster, managing to beat top players like Impact, Solar and TIME to help DPG win the NeXT Spring Championship. He had a reputation for cheap tactics or ‘cheese’ in the past, but he has proven in 2020 that he has become a good all-around player. Shedding that reputation is one of his biggest achievements in a successful year so far.

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Firefly joined DPG when his former team in Pixel 1 disbanded. This was because long-time SCII player Jung ‘FanTaSy’ Myung Hoon retired from the game. This was a shame because Firefly cites the team as one of the main reasons why he learned so much from the game.

He said, ‘It was very sad seeing P1 disband. I learned that FanTaSy is retiring and didn't want the team to go our separate ways, but there was nothing I could do. Later PartinG and I decided that we needed to go to the same team, and the boss of DPG wished me to join them. I had dinner with him before and he left a great impression on me, so after consulting with PartinG we decided to join DPG’.

It is great to see that he is getting along with his DPG teammates. There were a lot of questions when he just arrived because there were a majority of South Korean players in the lineup. There were questions of chemistry but they have proven this year that there are no chemistry problems in the lineup.

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When asked about his relationship with the Korean players in the team, Firefly said, ‘We have a great relationship, if I have any questions or need some practice I can just ask my Korean brothers. PartinG is always the optimistic guy and is always there when you are down, after losing in team leagues he is always there to tell us "it's ok, no problem." Once after I won in a match Dark complimented me as "Firegod", Cure and PartinG then followed suit, it was hilarious’.

He has become one of the top players in China because of the experience that he gained when he joined DPG. The lessons that he has gained from his teammates and the higher level of competition has definitely helped him improve on his game.

He credits the team staff as the main reason behind his success because he feels more comfortable in the team.

Firefly said, ‘I think I just have improved a lot. Our boss has been encouraging me all along and my teammates have put their trust in me, which further helped my improvement. For NeXT I always think our folks can get the job done so I wasn't really under pressure. For both leagues, I prepared intensively and tried my best to be on my game, and I was especially on point during NeXT’.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA