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How to win games with Protoss
May 24, 2021, 6:15:00 AM

How to win games with Protoss

StarCraft 2’s elite alien race - the Protoss - is one of the best factions to play in the game. This race is favoured by a lot of players thanks to their superior tech that could match the Terrans and provide high damage to counter Zerg swarms in the game.

The Protoss is seen as the strongest faction in the game. Story-wise, the race has been the dominant alien force and they have been a force to deal with. Thanks to their tech, the Protoss is able to put up a battle with the Terrans without much hassle as well.

One can say that the Protoss is quite a load to use, but given time and practice, players can master the use of this strong race and its strengths to the fullest. Here are some of the best tips that can help you use this juggernaut of a faction in key games:

Protoss eats up a lot of resources

The first factor to take note of is that the Protoss require a lot of resources to stay alive. Even the base unit, which is the Zealot, needs 100 minerals to train. This only means that there is a need to come up with a stable source of resources at the very least.

The best way to keep an economy running is to expand quickly. Using the Photon Cannon to secure new bases and collecting resources quickly is already a fine tactic. It is also wise to at least conserve your units since training is very costly.

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Photon Cannons are the best Protoss buildings in the game. It is not that costly and has a good range along with moderate damage and can attack both land and air units. Talk about doing it all for the team.

This makes them really useful to cover a lot of ground in the base defence. A good move for most players is to have a Photon Cannon at the ready wherever you create a Pylon. This would give you full coverage while also putting up some quick attacks to key areas.

Using the Dark Archon

The Dark Archon is one of the best units for the Protoss. It has the ability to take over an enemy unit using mind control. Training a Dark Archon is quite costly but it will always be worth it.

Having at least three Dark Archons in play can change the pace of a game. Using these against the best units of the opposing faction can be a huge disaster for them. Mind controlling a Terran shuttle or Battlecruisers can really turn the tide of the war. Using it to own Ultralisks and Guardians is also advised, so make sure to keep on using one of the Protoss’ best units.

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Owning the battlefield

The Protoss has proven to be the most mobile faction out of all three races in StarCraft. Not all fights have to be fought with brute force, and that is where the Protoss thrive at their best.

The Templar can activate Psi Storm to take down weaker units while the Archon tanks the rest with a huge AoE damage for every strike. The Reaver gives a lot of power while the Arbiter locks units in place while you stay busy with other threats.

The perfect balance of units for Protoss is quite unbreakable, and this is why learning how to use this race is a win. One can expect to win games without much hassle when using Protoss in matches.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA