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KeeN rejoins Afreeca Freecs after military service
May 26, 2021, 6:40:00 AM

KeeN rejoins Afreeca Freecs after military service

As another mandatory military service stint wraps up, South Korean Terran specialist Hwang ‘KeeN’ Kyu-seok is back in the StarCraft II scene with Afreeca Freecs. He is now back as a top star for the team that he represented in 2016.

This is a big return to the SC scene because KeeN is a big name when it comes to the Korean scene. He is not the biggest star that the country has but he can leave a big impact when it comes to playing the Terran race. It is not the best race per se, but having someone who can pioneer and innovate the race again is a big part of Korea’s success in SCII. 

Based on his first few results, he’s not up to speed just yet but he’s on his way back to the stellar form that he had earlier in his career. It is obvious that he’s rusty but people have to know that KeeN is a player who can turn his fortunes around pretty quickly. 

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Before he went on his military service, KeeN had some issues with the game and how it was being played. There are some issues with the game but it has since been fixed while he was with the military. It is tough to fix some issues when you’re not playing the game. 

With KeeN coming back to the scene, you can expect that Afreeca Freecs will be happy with his team. It should be obvious that he will be a star again with time. He needs to step up his game to match the level of the modern players but there are still some gaps that he wants to fill. 

Commonly, Korean SCII players have to deal with service at some point which is why they want to adjust their gameplan when they return. It is hard to cement wins in the Korean scene but they need to be ready for the big return. 

KeeN’s return to the scene will be hard to follow at first but you should expect that a player of his calibre will return with a bang sometime soon. It will be hard to contain him when he regains his grasp on the game and events.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA