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Reynor wants to continue building his legacy
Apr 29, 2021, 5:30:00 AM

Reynor wants to continue building his legacy

Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti’s success in StarCraft 2 can be seen as one of the best runs in the history of the game. The Italian star has every right to be named as the best of all time since he proved himself from one Major to another. His legacy continues to be an example to many.

Reynor was unlike any other player in the game. Starting out as a young player with so much love for video games made him an ideal star in the making. At a very young age, he proved that he is already a StarCraft legend, and that means a lot for his future as an icon in the game.

Many players have come and went over the years, and some failed to leave their mark as a star in the Blizzard strategy game. However, no other player has done the same way as Reynor did in his run with StarCraft 2. His success stands unfazed over the years which proves that he is the best.

Reynor’s grit and resolve have driven him to win huge tourneys and put his name at the top of StarCraft. He is an inspiration to many young players who aspire to get the best of their games as well.

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How Reynor found StarCraft

Most players came into the game by having a background in playing strategy games. Reynor, however, just came into a store and saw the cover art for the game. He asked for it as a gift, and he would later turn out to be the best StarCraft player ever.

The young prodigy took all of his time in mastering the game. At the age of 12, Reynor was already at the rank of Grandmaster - which is the highest level that a player can reach in the game.

Reynor explained his fondness for StarCraft and claimed that it was really a great game for him.

‘There was something different in StarCraft’, Reynor said, ‘I can’t really explain it. Maybe it was because everyone kept telling me I was too young to play the game, this is one of the hardest games out there’.

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Reynor’s success

Reynor’s run in StarCraft 2 was a huge success. Yet, the star claims that being a pro is much more important than winning. He spends most of his time in practice and random game sessions. He knows why he must keep on growing in his games as well.

The IEM Katowice 2021 saw a massive win for Reynor. He became the first player outside of Korea to ever win the said Major. Anyone who knows the competitive scene of StarCraft can say that it is a huge feat because South Korea is the most dominant country in the game.

Reynor also hopes to come up with more wins in the future. This means more games to play for the Italian star.

‘I would like to play in StarCraft as long as I can, and when I can’t anymore I would like to stay in esports. There’s so many things you can do’, Reynor said. ‘You can be a caster, a host, you can be a streamer — anything you want. There’s so many paths you can take in this world, it would be so dumb to leave esports’.

Reynor will surely go down as the best player in StarCraft’s history. He also has the right to make that claim.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA