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Strategies for playing each race in StarCraft
Dec 1, 2021, 4:21:00 AM

Strategies for playing each race in StarCraft

Learning how to play each race in StarCraft is a must as they vary in terms of build, strategy, and units. Each race is unique on its own and there are so many ways to win depending on how players use them. This is why it is vital to learn how to play each race in StarCraft.

StarCraft is a science fiction real-time strategy video game made by Blizzard Entertainment. The RTS game came into play in 1998 along with the Brood War expansion pack. StarCraft II was launched in July 2010 and it has raised the standards for almost every game of the same genre.

Just like the 1998 game, SCII focused on three species, the Terrans (humans), the Zerg (a super-species of assimilated life forms), and the Protoss (a technologically advanced species with vast psionic powers). 

On top of that, it was met with critical acclaim and was the fastest-selling RTS game at its time. It sold over three million copies worldwide in just one month. It was soon followed by expansion packs, Wings of Liberty, Heart of the Swarm, and Legacy of the Void.

​​The game was loved by many fans, and StarCraft soon turned into one of the biggest RTS games at this point. It was praised for its engaging gameplay and SCII’s new features and the bigger story turned the tide for the game. The LAN play and multiplayer was soon used to launch the biggest esports tournaments that players and fans know today. 

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The Terrans are young species with a lot of psionic potential. Compared to the Protoss and Zerg, Terrans are factionalised and stand as a dominant species in the galaxy. Players are quick to use Terran simply because they are advanced in all aspects of the game. 

The MMM strategy stands for Marines, Medivacs, and Marauders. This is one of the common assault teams for the Terran race since it is a balanced army built with a front, support and heavy hitters. It is an efficient way to win in games since it can battle both air and ground units.

The Banshee Rush is also one of the top tactics in SCII thanks to its effectiveness against Zerg and Terran players. Banshees are even preferred units to use against the Protoss and it works well for fast hits as well.

Players also opt to build their barracks early with the Tech Lab mod so they can get fast reapers. It stands as one of the fast rushes in the game as it allows players to score early hits for a cheap cost. From there it would be a micro war as the rusher always tries to deal as much damage as he can.

The Viking Rush is another variation of rush tactics in the Terran race. In assault mode, the Viking can nail down ground units with its machine guns and can switch to flying mode to counter air units as well. It is a favourable build than the Thor Rush since it is very expensive to go for a single Thor in early game.

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The Zerg Swarm is one of the best races for players who love to play with a unique style. Unlike the Protoss and Terran races, these aliens deal damage through numbers, and they are feared for swarming their enemies with a lot of rare units that can tear most defences apart.

The Zerg stands as a dominant race thanks to the swarm ability. They are used by a lot of pros simply because it is easy to expand their territory and the unit composition is more focused on damage along with the air and ground units. 

Unlike the other two races, the Zerg need to spawn workers and fighters from the Larva. It is a huge factor in games since players have to plan their production right away. The number of Hatcheries plays a huge role in how fast the Zerg can spread and train units. They are the best when it comes to building numbers as well.

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The Zerg is also a good race when it comes to flanking. This means setting a Zerg army away from the main force. When a player attacks with the main force, he can also use the flank force to attack from a different angle. This maximises the overall damage that a team can deal against their foes since it blocks a retreat route and having forces from two sides at once is a huge blow.

Backstabbing is also a common tactic for the Zerg race. Thanks to the speed and the damage that the Zerg units can deal at a time, they can wreak havoc and cause chaos at a given time. Players use this tactic while the enemy is busy with another army - used as a diversion to leave the base wide open. 

The main goal of this tactic is to deal the most damage before the main army comes back to respond. The best targets are workers since they are the key to the enemy economy. Tech buildings are also a good target to cripple the supply lines and the training of units.

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The Protoss are a sapient humanoid species that have a lot of psionic powers and have an advanced tech that matches the Terran. They are a mysterious race that is seen as one of the most organised factions in the game. Pros use the Protoss for their tech superiority among all three races. 

One of the best tactics in using the Protoss is making the best hits in mid-game. There are many builds using Protoss but the general idea is that any player can build a powerful army with just two bases by eight to 11 minutes in the game. 

The idea of timing attacks is that the Protoss can hit the enemy with a superior force before the opponent can respond. A player can get the tier 2 or 3 upgrades early depending on their pace, which means a lot for competitive games.

Thanks to the Nexus’ Chrono Boost, players can also get their fast upgrades up and running. This is 50% faster than both the Zerg and Terran, so this would play a huge role in how the Protoss can build a strong army right away even if it is composed of Gateway units.

Another alternative tactic is to harass opponents with the Warp Prism. Zealots are a pain for any player when in numbers. They are cheap and have solid damage per hit. They are also fast to make a rush and tear down enemies and buildings to make an attack worthwhile.

Mastering each race helped a lot of players thrive during play. Many players came out to be StarCraft legends and they’re considered by wannabe players to be their role models. Learning strategies for each race is the first step to becoming like them. 

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA