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The basic Terran guide for starters
May 12, 2021, 5:57:00 AM

The basic Terran guide for starters

The Terran race is one of the best factions to use in StarCraft 2. Flexing both tech and strength, the Terrans have always been a favourite among many other players. Learning how to use the race in terms of building, attacking, and economic balance is a win.

The Terran race may lack some impressive abilities, but they do have the tech to contend with the Protoss and the Zerg when it comes to battling. The Terrans take pride in their huge tech as they rely on it to win over the other races.

The Zerg sure have a wide array of units that can deal huge damage, while the Protoss have a lot of air units that can help them win a game. Terrans have the best of both worlds. The race relies on a balance of strong ground units and well-placed air support.

Winning StarCraft 2 matches using Terran races is a bit hard. It seems that there is a need to practice using this race before one can actually come up with the needed push to secure a map win as well. This is why it takes time to actually master the use of the Terran race in the long run.

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How to manage the Terrans

Managing the economy in Terran is a little bit easy compared to the other two races. Terrans don’t really use that much Vespene gas in the early game until players tend to use the heavy guns. 

The Command Center is actually a good source of defence with its defensive cannon. It is also able to move from one place to another like most Terran buildings, making it easy for players to set up their base nicely.

All other Terran production buildings need to either stay in their standard form or upgrade it with a Tech Lab. Adding one allows players to train high-tier units which means that they are ready to go for some bigger assaults as well.

Make sure to also keep track of the resources since there are a lot of players who tend to come up with a huge army only to run out of it. Minerals and Vespene gas are also crucial to keep an economy stable for any Terran player. 

Terran defences are very vital to success. The bunker makes it easy for players to manage the load it has. Along with anti-air turrets, adding some Siege Tanks and extra Firebats or Marauders can actually make up for sturdy base defence.

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Winning with Terrans

It is not easy to win a game with any race, let alone the Terrans. A player must know which is which when it comes to battling specific races. There are units that won’t deal much damage to a certain race compared to the other.

In battling Zerg, it is advised to build a lot of Marines and other units that can deal some damage in an area of effect. Training some fire-based units would also mean a lot since Zerg takes double damage from fire. 

Battling Protoss is a little bit tricky, but using some of the heavy Terran units could always turn the tide. If the Protoss use their Colossus, then it is wise to send some Thors as well. These big robots can deal a lot of damage from any range and can even be repaired by an SCV.

Playing Terran is not that easy, but learning how to use it is a win for any player who wishes to come up with a big game of his own.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA