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Apr 30, 2020, 6:00:00 AM

Top European Players Qualify for TeamLiquid StarLeague 5

Joona ‘Serral’ Sotala and Tobias ‘ShoWTimE’ Sieber were invited directly into the main event but now they are joined by other top European players like HeRoMaRinE from Mousesports.

The TeamLiquid StarLeague 5 is the third TSL event in StarCraft II history. This marks a return for the tournament after an eight-long-year hiatus. The qualifiers have been divided into two brackets, the Korean server qualifiers and the North American/European server qualifiers.

The Korean server qualifiers are only open to players who are citizens of the country or players that have managed to obtain permanent residency in the country. The double-elimination brackets involve best-of-three series. The tournament has a prize pool of $30,000 and EPT 2020-2021 Global Points will be awarded to the players.

The winner of the entire tournament will receive $8,000 and 250 EPT Global Points. The second-place player will get $4,000 and 180 points, the third-placer will receive $2,700 and 140 points. Lastly, the fourth-place player will win $1,900 and 110 points.

The showdown between Gabriel ‘HeRoMaRinE’ Segat and Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti in the best-of-three grand final was a treat to watch. Reynor made a misstep in scouting HeRoMaRinE’s attack leading to him being overwhelmed.

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In the second game, Reynor tried a unique strategy of pushing fast but it turned to be too early, leading to another victory for HeRoMaRinE in a close finish to the second game and the series.

For most of the first European qualifiers, most pundits and fans expected the two finalists and Clément ‘Clem’ Desplanches to become the super trio of Europe. Reynor’s loss in the final was a big blow to his bid because it meant that Clem was the one alongside HeRoMaRinE to qualify to round two of the tournament.

Unfortunately for Reynor and Marc 'uThermal' Schlappi, they will have to play another set of qualifiers to secure their spots in the second round. In the other side of the tournament, in the Korean bracket, Kim ‘Cure’ Doh Wook was the first player to advance to the second round.

This tournament is a great opportunity to know who are the best performing players in the world right now.

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Words: Cholo Martin

Image: PA