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Why Reynor is good at playing Zerg
Jul 7, 2021, 3:35:00 AM

Why Reynor is good at playing Zerg

Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti is one of the best players in StarCraft, and the star is still at the top of his game over the years. The Italian Zerg master has proved his prowess in playing the alien race, and a lot of fans and players are still in awe as long as the star plays with it.

For starters, Zerg is seen as the toughest race to use in the game. Being a master of that race is a huge feat, but being able to win big titles and Majors with it is another level of feat that needs to be reached. So far, it has been a special one for the Italian star, and he’s known for his huge plays with the Zerg.

Zerg are aliens that rely on the swarm to take over their enemies. The race thrives in numbers, and they use this to their advantage when they attack other races. Reynor has been a genius in using this one and his success rate has been at the top as well.

Reynor is known for using Zerg most of the time. He has rarely used both Terran and Protoss in his games, yet he already knows how to beat others who use it. This is why the Italian star is a huge model for many players.

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Playing Zerg

Reynor himself is not much of a fan of the swarm as a whole. He just uses the Zerglings to his main charge while using air support to make sure his units get the best shot in most clashes. The star is also known for using Zerg artillery both to either defend or attack. 

The Italian star has been an expert when it comes to this one and no one can say that he has lacked enough grit in his games. Reynor has played a lot of tournaments in his young run in StarCraft, and the results have been at the top of his game.

‘In some finals, I would have liked to pick a different build order’, Reynor said. ‘There are so many scenarios like that, so it’s hard for me to single out a specific one’.

Zerg is such a hard race to use, but Reynor makes it look so easy. He is not one to shy away from the big battles that the game has to offer. He is eager to stay relevant and prove his worth.

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Gritty Reynor

Reynor does not care that much if it is seven games or just one game. The star gives his all in one blow and everyone sees his grit on that end. The star knows how to use the Zerg well and when to attack or not. That has made him a huge icon in the Zerg talks.

The star also said playing StarCraft is a huge task than what others see. It is about being able to stay at the top of the game and being wise at the same time.

‘StarCraft is a very hard game so it’s a must to lose at the start, just keep practising and you will get there eventually’, Reynor said. ‘If you want to start and only think about making money, then it’s not worth it’. 

Reynor’s success in StarCraft makes him an easy icon to follow. While many players tend to play Terran or Protoss, the Italian’s prowess in playing Zerg is still a sight to behold for many.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA