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Why StarCraft 2 is more than just a game
Jul 22, 2021, 3:53:00 AM

Why StarCraft 2 is more than just a game

StarCraft 2 is one of the best games of all time, and it has set the standard for most strategy games in the industry. However, a lot of fans see it more than just a game since SC2 has made a significant impact on the betting side among many others.

If you take a look at what SC2 has to offer, it is nothing different from what most strategy games have. You have to build a base, train units, keep a stable income, and crush the enemy base. The gameplay may be simple, but players have to come up with a strategy to win.

However, SC2’s unique gameplay has changed the landscape for strategy games. As the sole strategy game that is at the top of the esports industry, SC2 has done more than just set the standard but also be an icon in the genre itself. 

SC2 is one of the top games that has gained a huge fan following. Aside from the consistent tourneys it has, a lot of players have been stoked by the intense games it has featured over the past few years.

This is the main reason why StarCraft 2 betting has been a trend among many fans and players out there. It is also a huge boost for more SC2 fans to join the hype and enjoy either playing or watching other players play.

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Can you bet on StarCraft 2?

Betting on SC2 has been a common ground for many punters. Most of them tend to try and lock their pick on a player and watch their games. They tend to see if these players have what it takes to try and win the title at every contest.

One of the big downsides of StarCraft 2 betting is that there is a small pool of players to bet on. Punters have a tough time picking through many Korean stars before they get to see the European players.

On top of that, the markets are less as well. Placing wagers on outright winners is the first call. Some sites tend to put up work on the unique markets such as ‘first to build second base’, ‘first to train flyers’, and so on. However, these markets are not much seen for those top betting sites.

There are a few in-game tasks. The main goal is to wipe out the enemy or just force them to surrender. Punters can bet on the main markets but can’t wager on the total number of kills and so on. This is what makes betting tough in SC2.

The format is still the same with many players going in best of three or five series in most competitions. This allows a lot of punters to look at the handicaps and get the right score. A lot of matches in the game are lopsided and it is easy to get the best returns as well.

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Can you make money playing StarCraft 2?

It is quite easy to earn when playing SC2. All you need to do is to win. Winning gives endless rewards, but it is more of getting a shot at the crucial games. All SC2 tourneys have big prize pools, which makes it more thrilling to play.

You can make easy money in SC2 if you play well. There are a lot of players out there who are bringing their best to win a game, and you need to face all of them and come out on top.

Making money from betting, however, is a much faster way to do so. So doing it both at the same time should not be that hard for you to achieve. After all, it is much easier to just place your wagers and see which side is going to win rather than to play the game itself.

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How much do StarCraft 2 players make?

Depending on how long they have been playing the game and how many feats they have made in the game, SC2 players earn a great amount of money as well. They do have this regular salary of at least $25,000 or more depending on the team they are playing for.

Many players earn a hefty amount, thanks to the prize money they get from tourneys. An average SC2 player can get as much as $100,000 all the way to $300,000 in just prize money alone. This is why players work hard and grind well in their games.

They all do what it takes to win and they show why they deserve to earn that money. Playing well gives them an opportunity to earn a good salary. Winning in big contests also allows them to earn as much money as they want from the big prize pools.

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Is StarCraft 2 ranked free?

SC2 has been free to play for some time now. This has allowed many more players to join the hype and get into the best of what the game has to offer. A lot of players have tried playing the game and have seen how StarCraft has established trends in the genre.

The Blizzard game has proved its worth as one of the best games to play in the past few decades. The first version back in the ‘90s was even a start of innovation for many other strategy games that came out, such as Battle Realms, Command and Conquer: Red Alert and Generals, Warcraft (which led to Dota and Dota 2 later on), and many more others.

StarCraft can be played by those who aspire to be like those star players. It is also easier to come up with a bet on this game since the gameplay is straightforward. With SC2 being a top pick for many punters out there, the game itself and its popularity will continue to flourish for many years to come.

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Words: Paul Daniel Flores

Image: PA